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The Roman and the Greek cultures had a deep impact on the entire culture. Almost all the countries have stories related to the Roman Empire and Greek mythology in their history books. The Scandinavian countries have a special history which was deeply impacted by the Vikings and thus a major cluster of the continent is known as the Nordic countries. The Christian religion also entered the continent with the various cultures.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, almost all the countries learnt the lesson of being self-administered and thus Europe caught the momentum of development at a very early age. But the World Wars became a hindrance to these countries. It took a great deal for the European countries to overcome the wrath of the World Wars.

To become economically prominent, Europe made several integrations like the European Union, Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON), the European coal and steel community, etc. It also formed an organization called North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which maintains military balance amongst the European countries.      

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