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Paris :

  • The city of the very famous Eiffel tower needs no introduction. The capital of France is a beautiful city with various museums portraying unique art and culture of France. It is a hub of fashion, art and culture. It is must visit place when you are visiting Europe.

Prague :

  • Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. It is famously known as the city of a hundred spires. You could visit places like Charles Bridge, Prague’s Astronomical Clock, St.Vitus Cathedral are some that you might want to visit in Prague.

Istanbul :

  • The olden day’s Constantinople is now known as Istanbul. It is a fascinating place in itself as it lies in two continents. There are various places that you can visit in Istanbul, to name a few, you can go to the Aya Sofia or famously known as Hagia Sophia, the Blue mosque,Grand bazaar, Spice Bazaar, etc. in Istanbul.

Copenhagen :

  • The capital of Denmark is said to be a city perfect for everybody. It is rich with history with many evidences from ancient Viking times. Places like Tivoli Gardens, Statue of Little Mermaid, Kronborg Castle are very famous places that one must visit in Copenhagen.

Amsterdam :

  • The culturally rich and colourfully vibrant Amsterdam is welcomes you with the beautiful canals. Something that you just don’t want to miss in Amsterdam is enjoying a walk or a bike ride by the canals. You could also take canal cruise in Amsterdam to enjoy the beautiful waters. It is a beauty in itself and will certainly add to your Europe trip.

Stockholm :

  • Stockholm the capital of Sweden is a city of beauty, colours and culture. It showcases the Viking culture at its best. It has various museums, cafes, restaurants where one can find the authentic Swedish culture. You could visit the world heritage sites like Birka, Drottningholm Castle and the Wooden Cemetery.

Barcelona :

  • The Architecturally rich and gothic Barcelona is a place in Spain that will give you the feel of the entire country. The famous architect Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece Parc Güell is something you just don’t want to miss watching. Other monuments like La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila are some architectural marvels that you might want to see in Barcelona.

London :

  • London is a prominent place in the European continent. London is famous for various fascinating sites that one can visit. To name some, you could visit London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey etc. in London on you next trip to Europe.

Akureyri :

  • The dramatic landscape of Iceland is something that adds to European beauty. Akureyri is a place located on the foot of the longest fjord of Iceland. The glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and many other beauties of Akureyri are not to be missed.

Berlin :

  • Berlin is the capital of Germany and showcases the best of Europe. You could go in to the history of the Europe at the Berlin wall or visit the Bode museum. The east side gallery, Bradenburg Gate, Reichstag building, etc, are places that you might want to visit in Berlin on your visit to Europe.

Venice :

  • A ride in a classic Venetian Gondola in the beautiful city of Venice will just add to your Europe trip. You could also make sure you are visiting Venice at the time of the Venice Binnale or the Venice carnival to see their culture. It is a delight!

Dubrovnik :

  • If you are a “game of thrones” fan, Dubrovnik is a place in Europe you might want to visit. You can a game of thrones trip in Dubrovnik to visit all the places that the show has been shot at. Moreover the sea looks just beautiful here and you can go Kayaking and snorkelling here. It certainly adds to the beauty of Europe.  

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