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1.Look at the horizon from the Burj Khalifa

This giant is known for being the world’s tallest building. The list of records that this building has broken just goes on. It is a 163 storied building and has an observation deck on the 124th and 148th floor. These observation decks give you a chance to view the ecstatic skyline of Dubai. The view will leave you speechless.

2.Visit the pious Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This beautifully designed and architecturally rich mosque will take you on a spiritual ride. It’s the largest mosque in UAE. It is a structure made with a view to unify the diversity of the Islamic culture. It is a delight with beautiful garden, carpets, chandeliers and calligraphy used to write 99 names of Allah. 

3.Take a delightful stroll on the corniche of Abu Dhabi

One can take a stroll by riding a bicycle or just stand and look at the wide and mesmerizing skyline of Abu Dhabi from the Corniche. It also has access to a public beach. This Corniche is a perfect place to be for a relaxing evening.

4.Shop… and Shop more

UAE gives many options for shopping. The very famous and world’s largest shopping mall is located in Dubai. It’s called the Dubai Mall. The Deira Gold Souk is like heaven for gold shopping. Moreover UAE holds many shopping festivals for time to time.

5.Take a scary ride in the Ferrari World

The world’s only Ferrari based theme-park in the world; The Ferrari Park indulges you with various rides. It also has the world’s fastest roller coaster called the Formula Rossaand many other rides for families and kids.

6.Drive in the Sand Dunes

UAE has vast arid and dry regions that are covered in sand. Most tourists take the dessert safari from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You can take a 4*4 car ride for dune bashing and eat yummy food and get entertained in the dessert.

7.Take a Dhow Ride in the Dubai Creek

With the multitude of infrastructure, Dubai also serves beauty. One can take anAbra (wooden boat) ride or take a Dhow cruise in the Dubai creek.

8.Drive on the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain, about 1200 meters high. It gives a breathtaking view of the entire Abu Dhabi city from the top. The best part about the visit to Jebel Hafeet is the road that leads to it. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is about 11.7 kilometers long that has a mild accent leading to the mighty height of 1200 meters. The ride is beautiful and the road is said to be one of the best roads to drive on, in the world. 

9.Visit the culturally rich Sharjah

Sharjah is known as the “Cultural Capital of UAE”. You can go to places like Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Noor Mosque and Arabian Wildlife Center.

10.Indulge inadventure sports activities

UAE offers plenty options for adventure sports like Skydiving, Mountain Biking, Reef Diving, Kayaking and many more. Go get the adrenaline rush!

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