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Area: 663,268 sq km

Capital: Juneau

Language: English

Population: 738,432

Time zone: UTC -9, UTC-8

Alaska is a U.S state with a very unique history. It is the largest state of U.S, but due to the cold, it is sparsely populated. Majority of population in Alaska lives in the Anchorage area. A major chunk of Alaska’s share of economy is dependent on fishing, natural gas, tourism and military bases.

Alaska shares its maritime border with Russia through the Bering Strait. It was bought by U.S for 7.2 million dollars from Russia. This deal changed the time zone that applied to Alaska and thus, to make this change, Alaska had two Fridays in October 1867. On January 3rd 1959, it officially became a state of U.S.

A few flights fly from Delhi and Cochin to Alaska’s Anchorage airport. Alaska is well connected to various U.S states and because it shares a land border with Canada, it is accessible from Canada too.


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