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Eastern Europe has for quite some time been thought of as the "Other Europe," a minimized district overflowing with political change, moving national fringes, a shocking assortment of ethnic decent variety, and relative disengagement from the focuses of intensity in the West. The narrative of Eastern Europe is particularly in transition today. In 2014, Russia attacked Crimea amid a period of disorganized agitation in the Ukraine. Slide back to the 1990s, and the Balkan states emitted into a severe common war that modified the national limits of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and others. Slide backs an additional couple of years, and you witness the 70-year-old USSR deteriorates, leaving afterward a mess of countries with disintegrated economies and unverifiable national personalities.


The way of life of Europe is established in the craftsmanship, engineering, music, writing, and reasoning that started from the landmass of Europe European culture is to a great extent established in what is regularly alluded to as its "normal social legacy". As a result of the considerable number of points of view which can be gone up against the subject, it is difficult to shape a solitary, widely inclusive origination of European culture. There are centre components which are by and large settled upon as framing the social establishment of present day Europe.

East Europe is famous for it’s:

  • Pre historic Art.
  • Classical Art(Minoan Art)
  • Medieval Art(Byzantine Art)

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