Best Places to Visit in USA

Things To See in USA - Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Niagara Falls and Vegas. There are lots of must visit places on USA tour with Flamingo Travels tour packages. Book USA Packages from Ahmedabad Now.

Best Places to Visit in USA

1. New York



Any trip to USA without a visit to New York is incomplete. New York is one of the busiest and the most happening places on earth. You must visit New York and see the Empire State Building, the Trump Tower, Central park, Rockefeller center, the 9/11 memorial and various other places and make your USA trip package memorable.

2. Los Angeles



Known as the “city of angels”, Los Angeles stands true to its name with the scenic beauty and infrastructural marvels. You must visit the land of Hollywood and visit the Griffith Observatory, the Getty Centre and many other places in LA.  

3. San Francisco

The culturally rich, San Francisco is going to make you fall in love with its sunrise and sunsets. It is famous for its golden gate bridge covered in fog and the Victorian architecture. You must take a cable car ride in San Francisco.

4. Philadelphia



Philadelphia has a rich history associated with it. The city is famous for the liberty bell and the Independence hall where the constitution of the country was signed. You can also enjoy the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Enjoy Philly!

5. Boston



Boston is one of the oldest cities in USA. You can visit the Boston public park, Fenwey park, Museum of fine arts, King’s Chapel, etc. in Boston.

6. Washington DC



DC is the land where the President lives. You can go the visit the White House, the Smithsonian Institution & National Museum of Art, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. in Washington DC. Say hello to the president!

7. Niagara Falls



Niagara Falls is famous in the world and when in the USA you must see this picturesque beauty and enjoy the misty air of the waterfalls.

8. Las vegas



Las Vegas is famous for its unconventional architecture and casinos. You must take a look the architectural marvels here like the Sphinx, the Eiffel tower, the pyramid, etc that highlight the Las Vegas Skyline apart from the gambling.

9. Mount Rushmore



Mount Rushmore is now one of the most iconic mountains famous across the world. This mountain is made into a memorial with sculptures of the faces of four of the most influential presidents of the United States of America. You can see George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It is a place of great historical and cultural value and should be on the must-visit list on your USA tour.

10. Maui, Hawaii



Maui is a Hawaiian beauty which is less hyped. It has pristine beaches and is also a brilliant place to feed your adrenaline. You can go windsurfing, Kiteboarding and snorkeling here. If you are in Hawaii then you might want to visit Honolulu too.

11. Yellowstone National Park



You might want to get lost in the wilderness of the Yellowstone National Park in U.S.A. It is one of the most beautiful National Parks in USA and invites millions of tourists every year. Camping and mountaineering are the most predominated activities that people perform in this National Park. It is naturally gifted with Flora and Fauna and is a delight to visit.

12. Chicago



Chicago is the place to be in summer. It is an architectural gem and the Bean-Shaped statue at the Millennium Park is a wonder to watch. With the sunlight and world-class museums, the beauty of Chicago is all the more accentuated. You might want to take an architectural tour around Chicago. And don’t forget the Chicago style Pizza here!

13. Alaska



Situated on the Canada -U.S border, Alaska is a very sparsely populated beauty. It is extremely cold in winters and so summer is the only ideal time to visit Alaska. You can try a hand on some adventure sports in here. Its picturesque beauty is a cherry on top to the fun in U.S.A.

14. Miami



Miami is one of the most famous beaches in U.S. Places like the bay front, Miami Zoo, Jungle island, Miami Children Museum is places that will entice you in the fun and frolic of Miami.

The beaches of Miami are just the best and would not want more!

15. Savannah



Savannah is a place where you can experience the beautiful old southern culture. It is rich in historical value and charming Victorian architecture. This place will not fail to take you back in time and you will certainly enjoy the soothing natural beauty that Savannah is gifted with.

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