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Best Time To Visit Dubai

UAE is a Desert & faces extremely hot temperatures upto 50 °C in their summer. The best time to visit Dubai is during their winter starting from October end till April. But travelling to Dubai during different times of the year has its own pros & cons & is a unique experience.

Dubai through the Year:

January - February – March

Dubai sees the most pleasant weather during this part of the year & is peak holiday season for tourists from around the world. Hotels, flights & experiences are likely to be costlier than usual. Dubai Shopping festival which normally starts in end of December and continues till the end of January is a highlight of this period. You can enjoy the famous places attractions like Miracle Garden & Global Village only during this part of the year.

April – May – June

Families planning to travel during the vacation period in India must understand that it the beginning of summer for Dubai & so temperatures will be high. Travelling during this part of the year is quite cost effective & more than anything value for money. You can stay at luxurious hotels like the Yas Viceroy in Abu Dhabi or Palm Atlantis at reasonable prices. You should check the dates of Ramzan before planning your trip, as during this month long Muslim festival, tourists services like restaurants, entertainment etc.have operational restrictions.


If you are looking for a great deal on luxurious hotels like the Burj Al Arab, ZabeelSaray, Ritz Carlton etc. than this is the best time for you. It is the slowest tourist season of the year as the temperatures could be as high as 50 °C. If you do not mind the heat, than you can get unbelievable luxury at an unbelievable price in Dubai but even more so in other Emirates like Ras Al Khaimah& Fujairah. Take an ultra all inclusive package at one of these luxury resorts, which covers all your meals, drinks, entertainment & stay in one price.


This is the peak of the peak tourist season of the year as Diwali & Christmas both fall during these months. The Diwali weak is the peak season for traffic from India whereas the entire world comes to Dubai to witness the New Year fireworks and enjoy the amazing weather during the last 2 weeks of the Year. Pre planning of at least 2 months is advisable to plan a cost effective holiday during this period. Climate wise it is the beginning of Winter& ideal for a holiday.

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