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Marco Polo 2017, Gujarat’s First Theme Based Travel Carnival

By Gopi Solia on Aug 30, 2017

Once upon a time, there lived a very avid traveller. He travelled through the Asian continent and brought light to the mannerisms, trade and geography of several Asian countries. He documented his knowledge about travel and places around the world in form of a book called Livres des merveilles du monde and thus became one of the greatest travellers that the world has ever seen. His name was Marco Polo.

Marco Polo served as an inspiration to people across the world. Even today, his work and his travel inspire people to set out on journeys discovering the beauty of the world. At Flamingo, we welcome travellers from across the borders to cultivate the desires to travel and explore the world. So, we celebrate the Marco Polo festival and invite our beloved customers to recreate their travel memories and plan new expeditions.

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With 21 years of experience now, we have seen that people have diverse travelling choices and we understand that. So, this year we are going to answer all your questions.  Why do you travel? What do you want from your next holiday? Confused? Don’t worry; Flamingo is going to help you answer all these questions at Marco Polo this year! This year we are also acknowledging the diversity of our loved customers. For this purpose Marco Polo 2017 is going to be celebrated with different themes. You just have to check the presentations of your interest. Here are all the themes that you will find at the Marco Polo travel carnival 2017:

1.Senior Tours – Celebrate your Golden Age:

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This stall is going to be devoted to our respectful senior citizens. You can come here and inquire about places where you can travel with all the comfort. We assure the leisure and you won’t have to worry about any inconvenience. For our beloved seniors we organise tours for religious expeditions to places like Rameshwaram temple and serve them with all the leisure on cruises exploring China and Japan.

2. Nature & You – Unfolding natures well kept secrets:

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We have a dedicated presentation for nature lovers as well! Here, you can come and explore the gift of god that has been showered on the earth in forms that we can’t even imagine! Come and explore the natural landscape and plan to visit your favorite! We have some amazing tours for you Iceland, Japan, Bhutan. We also encourage you to explore nature in bewildering forms like the northern lights.

3. Art & Architecture – Enrich the inspiring art, history and embrace the local culture:

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At Marco Polo theme carnival 2017, we acknowledge the majestic art and architecture that adds to the beauty of the world. So, why don’t you join us in exploring the ideas and thoughts that go behind some amazing masterpieces?

4. Pocket friendly Tours – Plan your travel that suits your pocket:

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Here at Flamingo, we also take care of your budget. So, if you are looking forward for a  trip that’s light on your pocket, we have varied options for you! Come; take a look at the innovative itineraries to destinations like Dubai, South Africa, Europe, USA etc at the “Pocket Friendly Tours” presentation!

5. Women’s Only – Women Voyager:

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Travel is synonymous to self exploration at times. We encourage women travellers to explore the world beyond conventional horizons. Take a look at the “Women’s only” crafted tours to destinations like Dubai, Pondicherry, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bali and more with exciting experiences like cycling tour, chit chat with a luxurious hi-tea, yoga sessions, leisurely spa and so much more.  Girls! Book your trip now!

6. Cruiseologist – Let your dreams set sail:

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At Flamingo, we decipher the beauty of air, land and also water. We would love to serve you with some amazing cruise experiences at destinations like Dubai, Bahama, Hong Kong, Japan, South Pole, Mexico and more with all the luxury and leisure. Visit the Cruiseologist to know more!

7. Student Tours – Not all classrooms have 4 walls:

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We believe in learning from travel and so we welcome young minds to take tours with us. Who knows if there’s Marco Polo hidden inside you! Youngsters, why don’t you head to the Student Tours to explore your options for destinations like Dubai, Discovery Centre at Orlando, Golden Triangle, Adventure rides at Imagica and more at this Marco Polo theme carnival!

8. Adventure & Youth Special – Live young, travel young:

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Hello there Adventure Junkies! We have a dedicated team for your endeavors here at Marco Polo Theme Carnival! Come; take a good look at the adventure tours to exiting destinations like Spain, Spiti valley, East Europe, Bali, Dubai, Chaddar Trekking tour, Bhutan, exciting Croatia and so on. Plan one soon!

9. Wine & Dine Tours – Eat, Drink & Wander:

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At Marco Polo Theme Carnival, we also have options for your Wine and Dine! Don’t forget to visit the Wine and dine Tours stall to explore various unconventional tours to destinations like Italy, Scotland, New York, North India and more. We have some amazing Wine and Dine experiences including local treats, wood fire pizza, drink tasting, and the way how food traveling is so much fun.

10. Self Drive Tours – Extensive exploration, without compromising on mobility and flexibility:Honeymoon tours

We also take care of your Self Driven tours! Why don’t you drive to places like Alaska, USA, Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe or Iceland? So, before you take off to your “self drive tour”, drive to the Marco Polo Theme carnival 2017 and discover your options of a self-drive tour at a dedicated stall!

11. Just Married – Enjoy togetherness and celebrate the new beginning:

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Hello, Honeymooners! Busy with the wedding planning? Come to us, we’ll plan your honeymoon well in advance. Places like Croatia, Greece, Switzerland, Andaman, Kerala, New Zealand, Paris, Fiji, Bali, Maldives and Himachal add to the romance. Come to the “Just Married” stall and book your exclusive romantic holiday today!

12. Luxury and Beyond – Explore the world with upmost comfort :

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At Flamingo, we take care of your lavish needs. So, if you are looking for a high-end tour with amazingly crafted packages to destinations like Switzerland, Paris, Koorg, Maldives, Hong Kong and Macau, Singapore with cruise, Bangkok and more. Visit the “Luxury and Beyond” presentation and you’d be sorted. Book now!

So, Marco Polos? September 3rd. Come one, Come all!


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