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Kenya tour Package: All about Beaches, Safaris and Majestic Wildlife

By Flamingo Transworld on Mar 14, 2018
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Kenya is synonymous to Safari and adventure activities. In fact there is no other place in the world that offers such level of adventurous activities and wildlife tourist attractions. In addition, it is also known for the beaches and several other places which we have discussed in this blog. If you are planning to book Kenya tour package then this article will be of interest to you.


In addition to the world-class safari and wildlife tourist attractions in Kenya, it is also known beautiful beaches and lakes where you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, fishing, etc. The cultural diversity that you can find in Kenya is tremendous. Local spoken language is Swahili and you can find lip smacking cuisines at various locations. There are many more places and tourist spots that you can explore during your visit to Kenya. If you are wondering which locations to visit, we have identified some of the best places that you can consider.

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve


The Maasai Mara location is spread between the Tanzania and Serengeti which forms a common corridor between the two countries. The name Maasai is derived from the local Maasai people living in the Tanzanian region while the Mara people live in the Serengeti. The nation reserve in this region is famous for true wildlife experience where you can find wildebeest, hippos, crocodiles, zebra, etc. If you travel to Maasai Mara then you should also visit the Mara river for a great experience.

2. Lake Nakuru National Park


Located in the central Kenya, the lake is hub for large flock of pinkish colored flamingos. Established in the year 1961, this national park is home to more than 450 species of birds along with wildlife like lions, tigers, hippos, pythons, etc. The place where it is located is mesmerizingly beautiful. The landscapes, lake, grasslands, and rock cliffs offers a euphoric experience that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

3. Mount Kenya


If you love mountain climbing and next target is to cross the height of 5000 meters then come to Kenya. The Great Rift Valley is a good option and rate sight where you can find 5199 metres Tall Mountain with equatorial snow. The highest mountain is the Nelion after the Batian Mountain in this region, which is also tough. If you are looking for adventurous ride, then it is a great challenge.

4. Lake Naivasha


Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake located at the highest point in Great Rift Valley which is an excellent destination for bird watching with over 400 species of birds. It is also home to large number of Rhinos, Zebras and Giraffes.  The lake is close to Hell’s Gate National Park.

5. Amboseli National Park


Amboseli National Park is one of Kenya’s most popular natural reserve. It is widely known for huge tusked elephant population. After guaranteed elephant sightings you will also get to see wildebeest and Zebras. The park is home to over over 370 species of birds and excellent array of lodges.

So, Kenya is one location where you can find forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches and almost everything that you can ask for. If you need more information regarding Kenya tour package then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

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