From Director’s Desk: My Experience of South Africa Tour

My holiday to South Africa was very different and eye opening then my expectation. The country was bubbling with modern ideas construction of modern buildings and optimism in the air.

The father of the nation Sir Nelson Mandela had seen the dream of a united rainbow nation. A rainbow nation of co existence between its white and black people was the lesson learnt by seeing its neighboring country Zimbabwe where the set up of A native government and driving away of white population had taken away with it the knowledge, the resources, the administrative discipline, and financial power of Zimbabwe. Leaving the country in chaos and many years behind in progress.

South Africa tour packages

Learning from this Mr. Mandela had thrown a challenge to its people for accepting racial co existence for growth, well being and prosperity and future development of one of the biggest racial discriminated nation of the world. And when we visited it in 2013 the dreamer had gone. But the people had taken up the challenge of seeing this new dream of coexistence. People in all walks of life whether white black or colored were making adjustments to accept this new form of society. The next two decades will show us the outcome of this biggest step towards progress not only of the Africans but mankind as a whole.

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I am very positive that this nation has a chance and can make this happen.

I am with you South Africa.

South Africa tours

This heart of the country in transit was what impressed me most. Of course the other attractions of scenic beauty in and around cape town, garden route was mesmerizing. The Tsitsikamma National Park has some of the best views on its trekking routes. The adventure activities are varied and many to suit all age groups and risk taking abilities. My group tour to South Africa covered all major attractions at a most reasonable cost and was great value for money.

We saw many individual travelers also on self drive options and met them in our hotels. On conversing with them we found they were also very comfortably travelling and enjoying very much like us. But considering my family priority of vegetarian Indian and Jain food our opting for group tour was a better option for us.

This country is a must see on your list before you retire from travelling.

Good luck South Africa.

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Kashmir: A Valley from Your Dreams

Unforgettable winter of Kashmir

It has been some most memorable moments of my life and a wonderful winter of ‘The Paradise on earth – Kashmir’ in the mid of December during Kashmir Tour from Ahmedabad.

I started my journey in the morning from Ahmedabad where the average temperature lies around 20 – 26 degree Celsius in the midnight, temp. Falls to 11 – 12 degree Celsius and in just a few hours I was landed in ‘Srinagar – the Summer Capital of Jammu N Kashmir’ where the average temperature lies around 7 – 10 degree Celsius and the journey begins.

Kashmir tour Packages

Srinagar –

A very well known for the dal lake and its houseboat with Shikara. It is also well known for the Mughal Gardens and best Tulip Gardens. The flowers come for a month and go. But among all the major attraction of Srinagar is the Houseboats that must be part of Kashmir Packages.

Kashmir Packages from ahmedabad

Houseboats –

The perfect example of the Kashmiri tradition. On the way to our houseboat, we got out of the car at Nehru Gate just opposite of Nehru Police Station. We settle in the Shikara for the houseboat. The transfer to houseboat by Shikara was wonderful. Fantastic wooden crafting with the Kashmiri floor carpet makes the houseboat more beautiful. Our stay in the houseboat was memorable and a different experience. It is one of the experiences not to be missed.

Places to visit in Kashmir

The real beauty of Kashmir can be enjoyed from the month of December till July. Some of the lifetime experience you should not miss in Kashmir is the snowfall, Frozen Dal – Lake. The perfect snow white covered Gulmarg, amazing Pine trees fully covered of snow and mind blowing stay in the Houseboat in the Dal – Lake is just out of this world. You can also enjoy the Ski, Ice Skating and other adventurous activities in Gulmarg. And don’t miss the world’s second highest Cable Car Ride – The Gulmarg Gondola.

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Last but not the Least the natural beauty of Pine trees and the snow capped mountains the Pahalgam. Lies on the bank of Lidder River. The beauty of this place is so beautiful and the ladder river with the glacier white water makes this place more beautiful. Aru Valley, Chandanwadi, and the Betab Valley are the major sightseeing points for this place. You can also enjoy the Poni ride from the hotel to these places. Chandanwadi is the place from where the journey to amaranth starts.

Kashmir Honeymoon Packages

Every Indian must experience the beauty of this beautiful place – Jammu and Kashmir and should feel proud that we are blessed with such beauty.

One of the worth Visiting places of India. Best time to Visit Kashmir is March End or the April First week when the Tulips bloom for just 15 Days to 30 Days in the entire Year….the only place in India to enjoy and view the Tulips.

What Exactly is The Dubai Expo 2020?


Dubai tour packages

World Expo is a key place to share innovations and make progress on issues of international importance such as the global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population. World Expo attracts millions of visitors who explore and discover pavilions, exhibits and cultural events staged by hundreds of participants including nations, international organizations and businesses.

Expo 2020 is going to take place in Dubai which is expecting 25 million visitors from which 70 percent will be international traffic. All countries will have a platform to showcase their architecture, science and technology. The slogan which is been given to the event is connecting minds and connecting people.

The Expo is going to run from 20th October 2020 till 10th April 2021. UAE is the first international country which is going to host the World Expo in Middle East. Expo 2020 is building up the confidence for global investors to invest in UAE economy for its long term potentials.

The place which is been decided for the expo is exhibition city which is next to Dubai world central area and Al Maktoum international airport. Dubai plans to spend two to four billion to develop infrastructure for hosting the exhibition.

After the winning the rights of Expo 2020 on 27th November the fireworks were erupted at world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa. The Sheikh of Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has declared a national holiday for all educational institutions in the whole country on the occasion.

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Dubai holiday tours

Expo 2020 is been planned in Dubai to create opportunities and also explore regions to find innovative solutions for mobility, opportunity and Quality. The world is interconnected with each other based on commitments and trust which generates new prospects of development. The Expo will be the only place which will help them to get closer and create “A BRIDGE TO FRIENDSHIP OF BUSINESS”.

So, Dubai is going to host Expo 2020 and preparation is already started to meet deadlines. You can visit the city with our Dubai Tour Packages or You can contact our Tour Expert for Dubai at Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd, you can design a tailor made Dazzling Dubai Tour as per your interest. Click on the link for More Information:

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My Adventurous Road Trip to Leh

We reached Manali at 2 AM midnight and it was raining like hell and it was so cold that we could not jump out of the car and check for the hotel. How can I forget the hotel Highland it was a superb stay at the hotel, We reached the hotel at 3 AM midnight and it was a pleasing experience with the hotel staff even in the midnight.
Leh Ladakh tour packages

Rohtang Pass: It was chilling out here and we played with the snow covered on the
mountains and with the ATV’s, it was so beautiful feels like was standing in heaven, we still had started the trip and was an

Amazing experience so we were so excited to see what comes next.

Sarchu: (knows as Sir Bhum Chum) with a tented accommodation on the Himalayan range on the Leh Manali highway. It was at an altitude of 4290 meters, 222 Kms from Manali.

Started at 10 AM the next morning. We reached Sarchu at about 6:30 PM, It was a long trip of about 7 to 8 hours so we decided to rest in the tents as the roads were also not good.

It was so chilling at Sarchu in then night, the temperature dropped to 3 – 4 degrees in the night and in the night you feel like you are standing in the middle of the galaxy, You can also see the shooting stars one after the other. The oxygen level at Sarchu was too low so we carried our medicines.

Leh Ladakh tour packages from Ahmedabad

Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai

TsoMoriri: Again it was a distance of 200 Kms so we decided to start early due to the roads. We started at about 9 AM the next day. Tsomoriri Lake is about 120 square Kms area. We reached there at about 7 PM and still it was so beautiful even in the evening.

Leh Ladakh tours

Leh: We started for Leh at 9 AM in the morning and we reached Leh at about 5 PM in the evening. We visited the Thikse Monastery first before checking in our hotel “Grand Willow” The hotel is situated in the center of the market and it was the best convenient place for us as we kept on roaming on the streets of Leh. There are multi-cuisine restaurants and we also tried the Ladakhi food and it was a good experience. We were accommodated for 5 days at the Grand Willow. Shopping, Munching, Roaming on Streets and Riding, this is all we did for those 5 days at Leh. We also visited the Old house which was about 200 years old. Yes how can I forget the Shanti Stupa, this was the place where we used to get peace of mind after the full day activities. We used to go to Shanti Stupa every day. The view from Shanti Stupa was also amazing as this place is on a very good height. Rafting in the Indus Valley was the amazing experience we had in Leh. We selected the rafting which was for about 17kms long and had about 5 to 6 major rapids. Overall was a fantastic experience doing the rafting, Best of all the team who helped out understanding the rules for rafting.

Leh Ladakh holiday tours

Leh Ladakh packages

Nubra: We hired bikes for going to Nubra Valley as we had to go the highest motor-able road Khardungla Pass It was about 18638 feet high. It was a great achievement driving bikes at this altitude. It is not recommended to stay at this height for long time but we had a cup of black tea and a hot Maggie which was awesome. After this break we started our engines and reached Nubra by 6PM. Mystique meadows was the camp we had a stay at Nubra Valley, It was like a farm, Vegetables growing outside your tent, they used to pluck off these vegetables and cook for us. It was a comfortable stay at Nubra Valley. We also saw sand dunes; double hump camel ride was also a memorable ride. Diskit has become Nubra’s commercial hub, but it’s still a modest little place and more like an overgrown village. The main attraction here is Diskit Gompa, or monastery. Panamik is the last village accessible to the foreigners and it is famous for its Hot water springs, Just a few kms from here starts the Siachen Glacier (the highest battlefield in the world).

Leh Ladakh tours

Pangong Lake: Yes, By far the best place where we visited, 60% of the Lake is in China and only 40% of the beauty can be seen in India. It had different colors in the sky in the evening and the morning, we crossed the Changla Pass going from Leh to Pangong, It was an amazing experience travelling from Leh to Nubra There was about a smooth road where you can drive at a good speed, We saw wild horses and mammoth’s on the way. When on the way we saw the first view of the Pangong Lake and we felt that we have almost reached and we all were so charged up that we have reached the destination before the time we have planned. But we were disappointed that after seeing the first view of the Pangong Lake it took us 45 mins to reach the destination. Martsemik Camp was where had camped for the night, It is the same camp where the team of 3 Idiots had camped few years back.

Domestic tour packages

Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai

Ule: We proceed further to Ule and during that journey we saw amazing place which nobody can explain in words which is called “Moonland with silence”. We all looking each other’s faces and felt we were on another planate.

Leh Ladakh tours

Science has found that place is looking like Moon on Earth. We   reached by the afternoon and again we got surprise for looking luxuries tented accommodation on Hill with Valley river view and surrounded by Mountains with all the facilities and amenities. It was speechless to explain the view from the tent. Outside tent there were so many Plum trees and we ate it directly from the tree and were delicious.

Leh Ladakh holiday packages

Our driver was more familiar with Ladakh so he took us to small water fall which came from glacier and amazing thing we did that we took Mini Glacier water bath. It was so fun when all were scolding and jumping in child water. Again an amazing experience.

Proud to be an Indian where such places are gifted by God (Nature).

Leh – Ladakh is amazing place to visit once. And if you are doing Road Trip to Leh, than it’s just astonishing experience. Share your experience of such Road Trips in comment. Also we have amazing tour to Leh regularly. For More Details on Leh Tours, You can contact us from Here.

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Enjoy the Beautiful Cherry Blossom on Your Japan Holiday in April

Japan, a tiny Asian country, yet a significant and the most prosperous in the world. The characters that make up Japan’s name mean “sun-origin“, which is why Japan is often referred to as the “Land of the Rising Sun“. Japan is well-known for the Technology and its Automobile Industries.

Japan offers a wide range of attractions, from historical and cultural treasures to modern and futuristic sights and beautiful forests, mountains and sea coasts. But the most beautiful thing known to everybody about being Japan is the CHERRY BLOSSOM.

Find Why Japan is called ‘Land of the Rising Sun’

Japan tour packages

The Culture of Japan is always blossoming. JAPAN SPRINGTIME IS VERY MUCH MAGICAL!!!!!! From March end to mid-April or early May, the country’s iconic Sakura attracts the attention of Tourist and locals, as their beautiful pink flowers blanket the country in soft, colorful splendor.

The CHERRY BLOSSOM (sakura) is Japan’s unofficial national flower. It has been celebrated like a festival since long and holds a very prominent position in Japanese culture. There are many varieties of cherry trees in Japan, most of which bloom for just a couple of days in spring. If you are thinking to travel to Japan, you must choose the springtime which is for sure one of the most exceptional natural events in the calendar. Hanami, is the annual Japanese custom of enjoying the blooming after the winter weather subsides.

Japan holiday packages

The Flower viewing custom has been started in the Nara Period. This event event was celebrated to welcome the New Year’s harvest while marking the beginning of the rice planting season. It belonged to Japanese royalty and upper class first, then afterwards Hanami spread to all citizens in the early 1600’s. It has been still so very popular and Tourist from all over the World, visit during this period.

Cherry blossoms bloom throughout the country, but there are a few cities famous for their Hanami festivals. The Hirosaki castle town, where Sakura-matsuri festival happens, is one remarkable Japanese city renowned for its bountiful cherry blossoms that attracts people from everywhere. Also, Nara is famous for Yoshino-yama, a mountain with over 30,000 cherry trees that is considered to be the best viewing spot in all of Japan. Another famous City, Osaka where there is interesting cherry blossom viewing tunnel at the Japan Mint which takes place every April. It is opened to the Visitors for one week so that they may enjoy the best view of cherry blossom trees.


Japan tours

There are over 100 varieties of trees which bloom at the Japan Mint tunnel, giving visitors a perfect opportunity to view different varieties of the flowers. Finally, if your trip heads you to Tokyo during spring time, don’t forget to explore the Ueno Park where 1,200 blossoming cherry trees burst to life. Also take a look at one of Ueno Park’s museums, including the Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, and Japan’s first zoological garden.

Ueno Park’s, Tokyo

Japan packages

No matter where your travel arrangements lead you, a visit to any number of cherry blossom festivals in Japan is guaranteed to be a joyful occasion that pinpoints the cleansing of the mind and new beginnings.

Come and explore the untouched beauty of Japan with Flamingo !!!!!!


We have can design beautiful Japan Tour Packages for you. You can get in touch with us by clicking here.


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Swiss Holidays on Rails

Reasons: Why You Should Travel by Train in Europe ?

People often fly when cities are so close to each other but one should definitely pass by the experience and the joys of train Travel in Europe. Rails in Europe can be a wonderful medium of journey to travel.

Here is the reasons to Travel by Train in Europe:


Train stations are located in every small, medium, and large city in Europe. Literally, you can be in the hearts of these cities when you step out of the train station. We’re talking about door-to-door, point-to-point service here making travel by train in Europe more convenient. Minimal taxi rides and fares!


Train travel gives you more legroom, you can move around and you don’t need to wait for the seatbelt sign to be switched off! 🙂


This reason is my personal bias because being in a train reminds me of how people in the past traveled and how creative they were when they travelled. I think of Hemingway and all those great poets and writers who were able to write their masterpieces in a train. It just makes me feel connected to them in that rail kind of way.

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Trains in Europe are just about as spick and span as my grandmother’s kitchen. Keeping rest rooms clean is considered a profession in Europe and they take it very seriously. I love it! Really nice people work on trains from all different nations and pride themselves for being part of the European Rail System.


The Euro is the currency of 18 of the 28 member states of the European Union (that includes major destinations such as France, Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany). Because majority of Europe is combined under one financial system, you don’t need six different types of currencies to travel from say Austria to Slovenia.


During the train travel, especially when you travel first class, you have plenty of room for yourself and your companion and a big space for your luggage. Really convenient!

One can have such a great experience travelling around Europe by train. These are the top reasons why one should travel by train in Europe. I hope it is agreeable to all.

Let me know your reviews about Travel by Rail in Europe in Comment…

Also, We at Flamingo Transworld, have regular departures for Europe Tours. You can find tailor made Europe Tour Packages by clicking Here.


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Experience Luxurious Beaches on Maldives Vacation

Dream of every single person… I have recently visited one of the most fabulous Islands called Maldives. Highlighted in the TOP 10 Tropical Destinations in the World for their surreal Picture Perfect landscapes and extraordinary Resorts collection, the Maldives are also equally famous for their underwater wonders, scuba Diving and Snorkeling, Para sailing, Para gliding & more. As key assets in the search for a Dreamy holiday.

Maldives tour packages

I visited so many countries but i really felt that this is a country which everyone has to visit once in a life…

Maldives holiday packages

Maldives a True “Paradise” for Honeymooners.. Your honeymoon need not be a when in a lifetime experience either. You will experience the honeymoon again and again, every time you come back to these magical islands. The Maldives is a perfect match between Luxury and Romanticism for Honeymooners. A few of them arrange wedding celebration on their attractive beaches, on a sandbank or even under water.

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Maldives tour packages from Mumbai

“Glowing Blue Tides” 

Vaadhoo Island has a bunch of surprises that are revealed at night. The thrilling radiating water appears like a mirror that reflects the shimmering superstars over. However, it’s called a “Glowing Blue Tides” The species create the most romantic natural lighting in the world.


Maldives tour packages from Ahmedabad

“Taxi” -Sea plane/Speed boat

Inviting on board of one of the most amazing “taxi” in World … Yes seaplane. Please realize: you will fill an amazing experience. you will possibly have the opportunity to fly with among them as they are mainly utilized as transfers to bring guests to the lots of remote hotels of the archipelago. Yet while all close-by Resorts of North as well as South Male Atoll supply speed-boat transfers, a lot of the luxury resorts also recommend seaplanes to comply with the exigences of their guests.

Air travel period can be as brief as 10/15 minutes for the closest hideaway till 1H15 mns to reach one of one of the most away hotel.


Maldives is truly an amazing place which we should visit once. Crystal Clear Water, Resorts in Water and other activities makes Maldives a honeymooners paradise. And that’s why we designed our Maldives Tour Packages from our heart and which will cater all needs for honeymooners. For More Details for Maldives Holiday Click Here:

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Magical Melbourne with our Australia Tour Packages

There are 7 continents, 196 countries and so many cities in the world not to mention… Melbourne is just one of those many cities… And yet it is winning most livable city award over and over the years… Why? I knew exactly why. And that’s why you should visit Melbourne when your are on tour to Australia.

I have lived in Melbourne for 12 years. So who knows Melbourne weather more than I. It is cold most of the year (Apr to Oct). But, not that cold whereby you have to pick up snow from your car and drive way. It snows where it belongs, up on the mountains. Winter is a wonderful time for snow activities such as skiing, tobogganing and many others. You are looking at 2 to 15 degrees through these months.

Then come my favorite time Summer Nov to Mar. We are looking at about 20 to 40 degrees in these months. Best time to enjoy beaches. Melbourne has some of the best beaches like St. Kilda beach. We can enjoy a simple walk on the safe sandy beach with a long palm-lined broad walk, surfing, swimming, Beach volley ball, beach cricket or picnicking with family.

Australia tour packages

Separating Summer and winter won’t help. Melbourne can have 4 seasons in a day. One must carry a jacket and an umbrella most of the year. Cause you never know what you may need. 🙂

Melbourne has best cafes in the world. You would get world class coffee and best bakery items. They have it all, with and without eggs.  Melbourne crowd is very health conscious. There is a variety of vegetarian dishes you will get in any restaurant. I worked for a company who had meetings and training frequently. Meals were always a part of it, whether it was lunch, supper (dinner) or tea (Snack). I have tried amazing pure vegetarian food which I never imagined. And believe it or not, I don’t even know some of the dish’s names.

Australia tour packages from Mumbai

I found people to be very friendly and organised. If you are looking for directions for your destination in America, first thing you will hear is ‘I don’t know’. And on the other hand, in the whole Australia, they will always be happy to help even if they have to go out of their way. They work limited hours, but work is always done. They finish their tasks and ask for more work if working hours are still left. Once their working hours are finished, they won’t stop for anything.

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Melbourne is famous for its architects too. Beautiful buildings and structures are found here. They are inspired by European designs a lot of the time. Best example for contemporary design is Federation square, Crown casino and Eureka Tower.

Australia holiday packages from Ahmedabad

Melbourne is also famous for its night life. In the city centre and in surroundings, there are hundreds of night clubs and pubs available.

This is a city where you spend as much as you want and you can get around it. There are options like backpacking to 7 star lavish hotels. There are run of the mill pizza shop to eateries on 33rd floor of Sofitel hotel or even enjoying outdoors on south bank in winters.

Australia tours

English is the main language here. Having said that you will also hear a lot of Chinese, Greek, Italian, Indian and many more languages when sitting in public transport as there are people from all over the world living here. Talking about public transport, Melbourne has a vast range of options starting from Trams, buses, trains (underground in the city center) and taxis. All options are reasonable.

Melbourne has zone system. City Center and surroundings are in zone 1, few kilometers in outer layer is zone 2 and further out is zone 3. You can buy a day pass for any zone; can be used for Train, tram or bus for that particular zone.

Melbourne is known to have best universities across the world. Students come from overseas to study and make career. Every year thousands of students get graduated in Melbourne. Subjects from Arts to Aviation, Geology to I.T., Sea life to hospitality all is taught here in Melbourne.

Australia packages

We have the best sports grounds, pools and clubs to promote sports. Government spends huge amount of money in coaching for a number of sports here.

Talking about sports ground we must mention MCG. So many cricket matches played there by our Indian players. I have visited MCG few times. Each time I go to cricketer’s changing room, I can hear and feel them there. Guide shows us where Sachin might have set and his picture is hanging on the wall along with other renowned cricketers. It is a magical experience indeed.

Australia holiday tours

On the final note: It is not only best livable city, It is best to visit city also. If you have never been to Melbourne, grab the first opportunity. Melbourne has it all, look at it from my eyes.

So, Want to visit Melbourne ? Yeah… But How ? Well, Come to us we have unforgettable Australia Tour Packages for you. Also if you want to design your own itinerary, we can do that. Contact us today, our Australia Tour Expert will help you to make your Australia Trip memorable. Click Here:

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Fly to the City of Angles with Our Usa Tour Packages

USA tour packages

The City of Los Angeles is vastly spread over 468 square miles, and LA County stretches over 4,000 square miles. While upholding its tremendous cultural heritage. L.A. is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, making it a truly global city, from San Pedro to the San Fernando valley. It will take more than a week if you want to visit L.A. County in your USA Vacation.L.A. is home to 211 sites that are on the national register of historic places, including the Los Angeles memorial coliseum, The Bradbury Building, Watts Towers and The Ennis House.

USA packages

Los Angeles is known as the “entertainment capital of the world” and attracts people from all over the world with all it has to offer. From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, to gorgeous beaches, amazing restaurants, vibrant art and music scenes, and year-round sunny weather, Los Angeles is the perfect destination. The Universal Studios Park is one of the most attractive points to visit for tourists coming to see the city and all that it has to offer.

L.A. was founded in September 4, 1781 from where its diversities made it grow into the city of the future and also one of the best global cities on the face of the earth. Los Angeles being known as the entertainment capital of the world is also very rich in cultural heritage and also boasts of a very deep and involving history.

As it is said to be the global city, it stands up to its tag by offering one the best nightlife option for couples to teenagers and even for grownups. L.A. has one of the best nightclubs where you could just dance your way through the night or have a quiet drink with your loved one in a lovely bar. The city has one of the best mixologists spread around the top bars and restaurants which guarantee a tasty drink like never before. It does not miss out on people which do not have a taste for drinks, for them it has the countries best comedian talents performing regularly in L.A.’s comedian clubs where you might just not stop laughing.

If you are a fan of performing arts and have the eye for talent the city offers one of the most captivating attractions. From a splendid performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to an outdoor concert at the Hollywood bowls and other different shows at some very famous musical venues. L.A. has the most number of theatres in the United States, giving out nearly 1500 productions annually.

USA tour packages from Mumbai

For people who look into history and art with an interest, L.A. has the most number of museums than any city in America which include the Getty center in Brentwood and the L.A. county Museum of art (LACMA) on Museum Row.

Many of the Landmarks in Los Angeles are renowned as architectural masterpieces. The Walt Disney Concert Hall was designed by Pritzker Prize winning architects. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is also a very famous landmark which can captivate mostly any viewer. L.A. has very fine and beautiful gardens which include the Descanso Gardens and the Exposition Park’s famous Rose Garden is also on the National Register of Historic Places, These gardens put a fine natural beauty spot on the face of the thriving and splendid city.

The best and most interesting part of L.A. is Hollywood, for which L.A. has a big number of locations and spots which have been shown on TV and films as well. Locations like the Downtown L.A.’s City Hall, Millennium Biltmore Hotel,   Union Station and the Bradbury Building are easily recognizable if you’re a Hollywood fan. Various old restaurants like the Yamashiro Restaurant and the Roosevelt Hotel are also one of the places were Scenes were shot for major productions. The Natural beauty of L.A. like the Santa Monica beach and the Vasquez Rocks can also be seen in famous TV series like the Baywatch and Star Trek also. Special Tours which take you through the Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers studios are a must take for any fan.

USA tour packages from Ahmedabad

We can’t forget the famous Hollywood walk of fame. can we? Well for people who aren’t aware about it, it’s a 5 block Path comprised of 2500 five pointed terrazzo and brass stars with names of famous people and legends of the Hollywood industry. From famous musicians to actors to theatre artists and comedians, this path has names of almost every legend. Giving you a dip through Hollywood history and letting you know famous people, this path is a must walk.

USA holiday tours

The City is said to be so entertaining that you’d just wish to stay there forever, from Universal Studios Hollywood to the famous Six Flags Magic Mountain and the Disneyland, the city just doesn’t fall short on entertainment and sights.

USA packages

USA holiday tours

L.A. also has a lot of outdoor recreational activities which span from miles of beaches to miles long biking and hiking trails, if that’s exhausted you enough than the city also offers one of the best spas to unwind your body.

Los Angeles also makes sure your never go back home empty handed, having the best place for the shopping enthusiasts. Top shopping places include The Grove, Beverly Center, The American at Brand, Santa Monica Place, Third Street Promenade and the Hollywood & Highland. If this doesn’t fit your taste than you can just goes freestyle at the LA Fashion District in Downtown LA or just go window shopping through the glamorous streets

L.A. is a city for which we could just fall short of words describing it. It’s a place which truly deserves a top priority in any travelers list of destinations, the city has never failed to leave its mark on any visitor ever been there and it is said to leave you in a holiday trance like no other. From the astonishing sights and sounds of the vast man made landscapes of lights to the tummy tickling theme parks, it has everything.

Now you know well Why L.A is entertainment capital of the World. You should not miss Los Angeles in Your USA Tour. Also we have tremendous trip to USA with Los Angeles exclusively designed for Indian Taste. Contact us today for more information, Click Here:

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Explore New Business Opportunities at the Canton Fair


Springs brings nourishing rains while Autumn Promises warm. During Spring & Autumn each year over 2,00,000 Buyers around the world take a Tour to China and gather at the China Import & Export fair also known as canton fair.

China tour packages

This fair is held twice a year in April – ‘Spring season’ & October- ‘Autumn season’ each divided into three phases for five days at Guangzhou also known as canton which is the capital city of Guangdong, China. It is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government Guangdong Province and organized by the China Foreign Trade Center. The Total Exhibition space at the fair amounts to 1,125,000 m² with total number reaching 57,136 standard booths. Over 5,000 foreign companies for more than 98 countries and regions have conducted win-win situations with domestic companies at the Canton fair has developed mutual economic and trade exchanges with more than 200 countries and regions all over the world.

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Over 24,000 top-level foreign trade companies from around the world are concentrating at the Canton Fair at different exhibition zones showcasing more than 1,50,000 choices. Every session features a wide selection of new products.

The canton Fair attracts top buyers across the globe. Over the recent years the fair has spared no efforts to invite more buyers were emerging markets, as a result the number of buyers from the Middle East, South America & Africa has increased significantly.

At the Canton Fair buyers can discuss business with best foreign trade companies in China and buy product of the finest quality. Each time buyers leave with not only orders but also precious friendship. The organizers are ready to provide Interpreters for buyers and sellers which can communicate with each others for the requirements. Major Banks provide real time financial services to customers. The exhibition hall boasts canteens with various flavors’ at the Canton Fair.

Canton fair also provide participants directory where every buyer can take that for free. The fair has maintained the dignity of the country and today in 2015 it will be conducting its 117th fair for which china is proud of.

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You can take Tour to China during April & October to visit Canton Fair. Also, We have regular Tour Departures to China during this periods. If This is the fair you are looking for than Contact US Today and we will design China Tour With Canton Fair or visit to join our Group Tour to China with Canton Fair.

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