VISIT NIAGARA FALLS – The Natural Wonder In Usa Tours

Niagara Falls, the wonder of the world is one of the most scenic places in the world. It is the combination of three waterfalls at the international border between Ontario, Canada & New York, United States. The three waterfalls are Horseshoe Falls, American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls. Niagara falls were formed when glacier withdraw at the end of the last ice age and water from the Great Lakes carved a path through the Niagara Escarpment enroute to the Atlantic Ocean.

Niagara Falls is more than 6 million cubic feet of waterfalls over the crest line every minute in high flow, They are 4 million cubic feet on average.

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Niagara River flows from Lake Erie in the South to Lake Ontario in the North. It passes around Grand Island before flowing in Niagara falls and then narrows in the Niagara Gorge. River forms a border between the Ontario, Canada & New York, United States. Falls are located on Niagara River, which falls Lake Erie into Lake Ontario the combined falls form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. Among the three falls, Horseshoe Falls is most powerful waterfall as measured by vertical height and by flow rate.

Niagara Falls is a city in Niagara County, New York, United States and can be viewed from both Canadian & American side. The city is located at the international boundary between United States & Canada. Niagara Falls from US side is obstructed, while one can take a full view of all three falls from Canadian side.

Niagara Falls is not biggest fall, it is very wide, the height & width of falls is rivaled by ½ of Victoria Falls located at the border of Zambia & Zimbabwe and ¾ of Iguazu Falls located at the border of Argentina & Brazil.


Rainbow Bridge is the gateway between the cities of Niagara Falls, and it is also a world’s famous tourist site connecting Niagara Falls, New York, United States and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Rainbow Bridge is immigration check post for travelers traveling to & from United States to Canada.

  • Rainbow Bridge was started constructing in May, 1940 and opened in November, 1941.
  • The deck of this bridge is 202 feet above the water and 950 feet in length.
  • The bridge is 50 feet above the water to avoid damage from ice in the river.

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Attractions of Niagara Falls from USA & Canada:

Hornblower Niagara Cruises (Maid Of the Mist): 

USA packagesThe Attraction is done from both Canadian & USA side.  Boat takes you near to American Falls, Bridal Veil and very famous Horseshoe Falls. View the falls coming over you and experience the thrill with the breathtaking ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat ride.



Attractions from USA Side

Cave of the Winds: USA tours

“Cave of the Winds” is the tourist attraction in which people can climb the stairs between the American & Canadian Falls down to the level of the Niagara River at the base of the American Falls.


Niagara Falls Observation Tower:USA tour packages from Mumbai

The most panoramic views of American Falls can be seen from the deck of the Observation Tower. The deck extends out over the Niagara Gorge and the tower allows you to look directly out down into the American Falls.


Adventure Theater:USA tour packages from Ahmedabad

In 45-minute movie, discover the stories behind the thunderous Niagara Falls at the Niagara Adventure Theater and warm and dry at the Niagara Falls New York State Park Visitor Center as you are immersed in the action taking place on the 45-foot giant screen.


Aquarium of Niagara: USA holiday packages

The Aquarium contains more than 1,500 aquatic animals which are on display. Every 90 minutes you can watch sea lions performing and penguin and shark feedings happen regularly. It also includes the favorites piranha, seal and eel exhibits.

Attractions on Canadian Side:

Journey Behind the Falls:USA packages

From Table Rock Information Center, you can do Journey Behind the Falls by wearing a plastic poncho by passing rockcut tunnel halfway down the cliff. Your Journey Behind the Falls visit will take 30 to 45 minutes.


Skylon Tower:USA tours

The Skylon Tower is located next to the Niagara Falls and also near Niagara Falls hotel, and entertainment district. It is 775 ft. above the falls, the view from the Tower will take your breath away. People can also enjoy many activities from the tower.


Niagara on the Lake:USA holiday tours

Niagara-on-the-Lake is called the loveliest town in Ontario. The Old Town is made for walking and the countryside spreads out below the Escarpment and is dotted with vineyards.




There is a wide range of hotels in Niagara Falls. Visitors are rare here for anything else than to see Niagara Falls, thus they have many options to choose hotels from 2 star to 4 star. The closer to falls a hotels is located, higher the tariff is charged per room. Visitors get more options of hotel in Canadian side compared US side.

Niagara Falls from Canadian side is included in our USA Tour Packages. To experience the amazing view of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, visit FLAMINGO TRANSWORLD PVT. LTD. Or check our Tailor made Vacation Packages for USA from here.


10 Things You Must Do In Bali on Bali Holidays

Visiting Bali in Indonesia Tour Packages ? Here are the must to do activities for Bali. Take a look.

1. Water Sports at Benoa Beach.

Benoa beach is the place for the beach lovers to do the water sports activities.

I have enjoyed Banana boat, parasailing & water scooter & it was so much fun!! & that too with a very nominal cost!!

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2. White Water Rafting.

I cannot forget this 1 hour of my life!! Out of all 10 activities, this was the most memorable & Adventure activity. There are different levels for rafting, which happens on Ayung river. We went on level 2 rafting for 60 minutes. We were accompanied by the local expert n just 2 of us!! Me and my Husband. We passed through the dense rain-forest and rocky area where both the side of the river, the Ramayana was carved on rocks by the experts in old days!!

Truly amazing experience! 

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3. Visit Active Kintamani Volcano Tour with Barong Dance.

Bali is famous for its music & dance. Balinese dance is called Barong dance. We had an Opportunity to see the cultural dance during this tour.

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Kintamani is one of the many inactive volcano, which has turned into Mountain Kintamani. This full day tour is a Combination of cultural activity, volcanic eruption & scenic beauty of Mount Kintamani.

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4. Visit Coffee Plantation + Coffee Testing.

Due to good tropical weather and rain, many different types of coffee are planted all over the Sloppy hills. We have the opportunity to visit one of it, taste the different coffees & buy too. Luwak is one of the best coffees in the world which has its plantation in Indonesia, This coffee has a very strong & specific taste.

Bali tour packages from Ahmedabad

5. Visit Tanah Lot Temple.

One of the most famous temple of Bali which is located in southern west part of Bali. It is home to the pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot, a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography and general exoticism.

Bali tour packages from Mumbai

 6. Visit Local Temple (if you have an interest in Culture & Tradition).

Bali is under Hindu religion influence. There are thousands of temples in Bali. Every street you travel, there is a temple. The local temple has a triangle shape which has about 7 levels which represents 7 different gods.

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7. Visit One Of The Bali House.

If you really wish to know about the people of Bali & their day to day life style, you must visit one of the Balinese House. I did so & it was a very nice & a warm experience. They have a huge plot with house there is a temple in each Balinese house & the woman of the house can work & sell the handicraft items in the big chalk (hall in the entrance)!!!

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8. Visit Wood Carving Factory OR an Outlet for Shopping.

A huge amount of wood is available in Bali as it has a huge amount of dense forest areas. Balinese people have an in built Hobby which they have converted into a profession of carving wood.

For killing free time! Different reasons! But they make so nice art pieces!!

Worth watching! You can visit one of the wood carving factories & see the level of art people of Bali have!!!! You can even shop!!

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9. Experience Balinese Spa + Massage.

Wow! The best of the best activity! Spa n massages are very famous now a day’s across the world! I have tried them at many places, but Balinese spa has a unique style of massage. It is so relaxing that we feel completely rejuvenated n fresh!!!

You have to go there to believe it!!

Also, in Bali there are lots of natural flowers because of the pure soil & rain due to which they use all fresh Flowers & its oil for massage which gives amazing aroma n freshness to each part of body.

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10. Visit the Best Night Life Option- “ROCK BAR”

This is the place to be there, I wish to go to Bali once again!!

Look at the picture of rock bar & I do not need to explain where it is been built!!!!

At Ayana resort, Jimbaran area, this is a bar which is waiting for you to go & enjoy the unforgettable sun set with the Sea, Sun & Rock!!

Bali tour packages

Sounds Interesting ? Yes. Bali is one of the most beautiful Tourist Destination in the World to visit. You can choose us to design a tailor made Bali Holiday Tour Packages for you.


Top 10 Things To Do in Singapore – Malaysia and Thailand

Top Things To Do When You Are on Vacation at South-East Asia


Singapore tour packages

Once you finish visiting the Batu Caves, make sure you cross the road and try one of the two South Indian restaurants. After climbing up the 272 steps of Batu Caves one would definitely crave for some food. If you love south Indian food, then you will fall in love with the wonderful crispy vegetable filling dosas available there. I certainly had that pleasure of having those crispy dosas with the mouth-watering sambhar. Having Indian food in a foreign land is a wonderful experience in its own manner.


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Garden by the bay is an excellent addition to the tourist destination situated at Marina Bay. It consists of two domes- Flower dome & Cloud forest. So have a pleasant experience here with an addition of clicking a family picture with biodiversity & greenery behind the scenes. I am sure after this experience you’ll surely refer this place to others and will store this in your memories forever.


Singapore Malaysia tour packages

Skyline Luge is a unique attraction. It is an exciting & fun ride for both young & old. You have full control over how fast and slow you would like your ride to be. I had an amazing experience racing with my friends over the sloppy tracks of the luge. Don’t forget to collect your pictures at the shop after you cross the finish line although you must pay for it. Feeding the fishes. Pack your bags with swimming costumes and sunscreens to enjoy the adventure thoroughly.


Singapore Malaysia tour packages from Ahmedabad

However modern & forward thinking Indians in Singapore are today, they still remain the customs & traditions of their forefathers. From jeweled saris to flower garlands to never beating aroma of various different cuisines till the beat of Hindi pop song. Here shops abound with fabrics, bangles, traditional snacks & sweets. When I was travelling through the streets of Little India, I had this homely feeling of being at home loitering down the streets of India.


Singapore Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai

Thai massage is a must do on your list if you are visiting Thailand. It has been a special art for hundreds of years refined by practice and passed down through generations throughout Thailand. I thoroughly enjoyed spending an hour or two having my muscles pushed, pulled, and relaxed. It was certainly a healthy experience which eradicated all the pain I got from travelling, water sports, and sitting on long bus and air journeys. In Pattaya, Thai massage is liberally offered and this is one experience you should certainly indulge in.


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Clarke Quay is a very famous area in Singapore, located on the side of the Singapore River. It is the former trading harbor of Singapore that has today become a real nightlife with lots of bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs. The Eclectic atmosphere will surely leave you spellbound.


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Bangkok is known as a shopping hub. My shopping in Bangkok was a day- night activity. Walk your way from north to south & east to west & you will realize what Bangkok is famous for. The great thing is that most of the shopping malls & departmental stores are opened till late night. From clothes, accessories and footwear one can find a whole lot of goods with reasonable prices. One important tip when travelling to Bangkok is that, carry loads of cash if you’re a shopaholic. You never know you would shop for the whole year in a single day.


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Lebua is indeed a 5 star property in Bangkok. Lebua is very well known for its prompt, efficient & friendly service. The hotel is close to river & nightlife. Don’t miss a drink at the Sky Bar- where you can have an amazing experience. Sky Bar has the most innovative cocktails, striking atmosphere & spectacular view from the roof top bar.


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Of all the gorgeous destinations of Thailand, Phi Phi Island stands head & shoulders above the rest. The islands are not only famous for the captivating picture perfect sight but its clean water enables snorkeling. It’s the practice of swimming with a diving mask & fins to get insight into the blue. While snorkeling in the waters, I had this unusual chance of feeding the fishes. Pack your bags with swimming costumes and sunscreens to enjoy the adventure thoroughly.


Singapore tour packages

Bugis street market has now transformed into a shopping hub for shopaholics & bargain hunters. It is one of the best shopping places in Singapore attracting shopping lovers by offering latest and trendiest fashions at affordable prices. It is purely a shopper’s paradise. I remember bargaining and getting my favorite stuff at affordable prices from there. Bugis Street has more than 600 shops, and most of them offering a huge variety in fashion clothing, shoes and accessories.

So, When you are travelling to Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand you can refer to Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages, Singapore Malaysia Thailand Tour Packages . Ask your Tour Operator whether these places and activities are included in your Package or not? Also we have tremendous and tailor made Singapore Holiday Tour Packages, and Thailand Holiday Tour Packages. We provide Quality Tours, which are value for money. Thus, Don’t forget to contact us when you are planning to go for vacation on South-East Asia. For More Details Please Visit:


Spain Na Milega Dobara: Tours to Spain from India


Over the years we’ve found that the beautiful country of Spain offers great adventures in travel as well as the opportunity to be a participant rather than just a tourist. Passionate, sophisticated and devoted to living the good life, Spain is at once a stereotype come to life and a country more diverse than you ever imagined in Las Ventas Madrid

Bullfighting is one of those experiences, a person would never forget. Here, there are one or more bulls that fight in a bullring. The bullfight usually ends when the bull is killed. Bullfighting is practised till date in Las Ventas, Madrid.

Spain tour packages

Another experience is the running of bulls which began in the 14th century. This involves the young adults who participate and attempt to race in front of the bulls. The length of the running of bulls is 875 meters. It is impossible to race fully with the bulls or even keep up with them for very long. Once the bulls have gone past the run has finished. The running of bulls is being held every year in Pamplona in ‘’The San Fermin Festival’’ which is programmed in the month of July.

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To add to more of adventure, Sky Diving is a breathtaking freefall jump from 15000ft altitude. Sky Diving centres is located in the south of Spain in the sunny Andalucian cities of Seville, Jerez, Faro and Malaga.

Spain holiday tours from Ahmedabad

Scuba Diving is exercised mainly in Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean Coast. The Costa del Sol is renowned to have the best all year round climate in Europe and this makes it possible to dive at any time of the year.

Spain tour packages from Mumbai

Lastly to sum up Spain, the much famous La Tomatina Festival is the ultimate treat. It takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year in the small town of Bunol. The festival is actually is tomato fight which is quite similar of the Indian festival of Holi which is played with colors.

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Spain itself is a destination with delightful experiences on the whole. It has History, Adventure, Nightlife, Music and Dance, wide variety of Gastronomy and much more to offer.

If you like adventure activities Spain is perfect destination for you. Also, we have tailor made Europe Holiday Tour Packages for you, Come with us and explore Spain like never before. For more information you can contact our Spain Tour Specialist from here :



UK Visas : For Tours to Europe from India

Is it true that to get UK visa is very tough??

UK tour packages

The answer is NO.

But if you don’t have proper knowledge or guidance of documentation and process of visa or if you are not truthful in your submissions than you may get difficulty in getting visa.

Now let me describe about the different categories of UK visa which we are doing.

  • General Visitor visa- The passengers who want to travel to UK for Tourism purpose or want to visit any friends or family members who are not permanent residence of UK or British Citizen.
  •  Family Visitor Visa- The passengers who want to travel to UK to meet immediate family members who are permanent residence or British citizens.
  • Business visitor- The passengers who want to travel to attend conference, trade fair or for any meeting.

Now let’s talk about the documentation.

This is really very important to know you that for UK visa British High Commission is asking for all Original documents of applicant who are applying. And more important is, your all documents should be current, valid and genuine.

In case of fraud documentation or lie to British High Commission may get rejection plus may ban you for 10 years.To obtain UK visa your financial background should be strong. E.g. In your savings account, your balance should be good enough to bare the expenditure of your trip.

This is more important that you cannot create your balance instantly. It should be consistent amount in your savings bank.

Process & Processing time

Generally, there is a drop box system for UK visa. But you need to submit all your documents personally to your region’s UK- VFS centers. They will collect all your original documents and also collect your Biometrics of all applicants. Below 6 years child are exempt from biometric but they have to be there for personal appearance.

High Commission may ask for personal interview to Mumbai/ Delhi or call you on your contact number where you can ask related your purpose visit, about your financial background.

Normal processing time for granting above mention categories are 15 working days to 1 month. Now in case of any emergency you can avail the facility call priority service in which you get the confirmation of your visa in 4 working days. But for that need eligibility to get this service.

Please remember for UK visa, Honesty is the best policy.

Please declare all your details with truth & honesty & we are sure that The Consulate will be considering you sympathetically.

For proper guidance of UK visa you can contact me. or you can visit for more information.

LAS VEGAS: The Day Starts In The Night. Tours to USA from India

The City of Las Vegas often known as simply Vegas, where Day starts at the start of Night. It is said that whatever you do in Vegas, should be forgotten ones you are out of Vegas.

USA tour packages

Vegas, the Sin City, is famous for gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainments and nightlife. It is The Entertainment Capital of the World.

The soul of Vegas is Las Vegas StripLargest hotel, casino, and resorts in the world are located here which is considered a scenic route at night.

 USA holiday packages

 Fremont Street is another famous street in the Las Vegas after the Las Vegas Strip.

USA Tour Packages from Ahmedabad

There are so many shows and Casinos which cater to millions of visitors throughout the year. There are several shows including water fountains, the volcano, the Fall of Atlantis, Festival Fountain are very famous.







It is a most amazing aquatic show by cirque du soleil.

It is a mix of theatric which has set on the water.

Artists perform, swim, character, and dive.



It is an adventure story about imperial twins who are separated.



Driven by Michael’s powerful multi layered music heard great in a reverting state of the art surround sound environment one takes the audience into a series of seamless visual and musical tableaux at the heart of the world.

There are 63 dancers and performers underscored by Ariel performances.



Criss angle is the magician in television history and recently awarded magician of the century brings his arsenal of 40 mind blowing illusions to the stage you won’t believe your eyes.

See the most dangerous, exciting, comedy filled evening with Number one , magician of the world.



This show is the different realms of sexuality through stunning imagery, comical, vignette’s and sultry dancing.

Each performances are each themed by different elements of sexuality.

Many more activities to be done here such as visit to the highest observatory of USA on Stratosphere with adventurous rides, like Limousine ride, open Double Decker bus ride in night.

Hence Vegas is Must visit city when you are going on USA holiday tour packages. To plan your most memorable and enjoyable tour of USA, you can visit to get in touch with our Tour Expert.


Natural Wonder Grand Canyon Must for Tours to United States of America



In the time of ice age, nearly two billion years ago, there was land and land where ever you see. The Colorado River & its tributaries cut the land to different channels & layers of rock & formed the canyons which were so vast that it was named as “Grand Canyon”.


As the land was cut by the Colorado River, the fossil impressions of fish and aquatic animals were found on the layered rocks and by this, people came to know about this formation.

It was not formed overnight but it took millions of years to form these beautiful Canyons which we see today. The Colorado River with all its force flowed on this land and formed new routes, with erosion of land, watering to the land & the climate all together played a major role in carving the canyons we see today.

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide 6000 feet in depth.

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Can we see these wonderful formations?

Yes, there are three different rims from which you can visit these beautiful formations:  South Rim, West Rim & North Rim.

Grand Canyon Tours can be done in different ways:

Different activities like Rafting, Hiking, Helicopter tours, Airplane tours & combination of land & air tours are popular. Tourists wishing to get the aerial view of the Grand Canyons can opt for Airplane tour or Helicopter tour.

  • Airplane Tour:   An Airplane tour gives a magnificent view of the Grand Canyon. People fly over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the huge canyon formations carved out by the Colorado River. The time duration is 1 hr.

USA holiday packages

  • Helicopter Tour: This helicopter tour provides up close stunning aerial views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon. Passenger can see over a hundred miles of Canyon formations. The time duration is 45 – 50 mins

USA tour packages from Mumbai

  • Sky walk: Completely unique perspective from the deck of the world famous Grand Canyon Sky-Walk Bridge, A glass bottom walkway on the Grand Canyon. You can always combine the Sky-Walk with Airplane Tour, Helicopter tour & Bus Tour.

USA tour packages from Ahmedabad

  • Bus Tour: A full day tour of Grand Canyon, in which you visit the Grand Canyon by road. You can always add Skywalk tour with it. Time duration approx 8 hrs.

USA holiday tours

  • River Rafting: Just imagine going 4,000 feet below the West Rim for a picnic alongside the Colorado River in the Canyon’s Inner Gorge. Surrounded by amazing rock formations layered in spectacular colors, visitors on West Rim tours can experience one of the world’s unique places.

USA packages


Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd from Gujarat gives you the opportunity to visit the beautiful Grand Canyons in USA Holiday Tour Packages. For more information you can visit : 

Visas Made Easy for Tour to Australia from India

Do you know which country is best to visit for all ages?

The answer to this question is Australia Holiday Tour Packages.

Australia is one of the most beautiful country and there are so many life changing experiences to be had all over the amazing country and no-one knows them better than the people who have traveled there.

When we think to visit Australia the first question arises in one’s mind is how to apply for Australia visa?

The process of Australia visa is very easy to understand and follow if you apply for right subclass. Whether you are visiting for less than 72 hours or planning on a stay of several years you must have valid Australian visa.

To apply for visa the most important point is the purpose of visit. There are many types of visa but mostly people opt for Tourist Visa, Visitor Visa and Business Visitor Visa.

Australia tour packages

Tourist Visa

This visa permits individuals to visit Australia for a holiday, vacation or amusement, or to visit family and/or companions for a stay up to three or six or twelve months. This visa might likewise be utilized for other transient non-work purposes.

Visitor Visa

This visa is for the temporary entry of people for tourism or business visitor purposes.
There are two streams which can be applied for outside Australia.

Business Visitor Visa

For candidates looking to engage in business visitor activities including:-

  • Making general business or government request
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Government visits
  • Going to conference, seminars, Job Interviews or Professional examinations

Once your purpose of visit is decided, the second important point is to meet the visa requirement. The applicant should provide the basic documents which is mandatory for visa process. If applicant is visiting for tourist purpose than detailed itinerary is required.

For visitor purpose, if you are going to visit your relative or friend  an Invitation letter from invitee is necessary.

In business visitor visa Invitation letter from inviting company is required.

The application is submitted to Australian High Commission at New Delhi. There are different Visa Facility Services where one can apply for visa process. The average processing time for Australia visa is 15 working days.

If applicant is US Citizen or British Citizen and want to travel to Australia than they need to apply an ETA online i.e Electronic Travel Authority. An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) provides authorization to travel to and enter Australia and is electronically linked to your passport. It is for short term stays for tourism or business visitor activities.

Australian High Commission grants E-visa which one can receive in email. Many times applicant have question how much visa they can get? Again validity of visa depends on your purpose of visit. Usually Consulate grant visa for up to for three, six or twelve months. Consulate grants visa for longer validity like two or three years if you are visiting your blood relation. For example parents visiting their son or daughter.

For more information or for any query you can contact our visa expert from here.

Cruising in Singapore: An Ideal Tour Package for South East Asia

Singapore Tour Packages with Cruise

For passenger travelling to Singapore from India, this December – 2014 and Jan – Feb 2015, have is a Cruise Mela or cruise festival. Normally, there is only one cruise liner which is starting from Singapore and that is Star cruise.

This season starting from November-14 to February -15, there are three cruise liners operating from Singapore.

  1. Star Cruises
  2. Costa Cruises
  3. Royal Caribbean Cruises

I would like to inform you all for the basic details of them.

For further details please refer to our website,

  • Cruise – Star Gemini
Gross Tonnage 50,764 grt
Passenger Capacity 1530
No. Of Cabins 765

Itinerary (2 Nights)
















Singapore holiday packages

Balcony Cabin on Gemini

Singapore tours

Glimpse of Entertainment on Cruise Gemini

Singapore tour packages from Mumbai Singapore packages Singapore holiday tours

  • Cruise – Costa Victoria
Gross Tonnage 75,166 grt
Passenger Capacity 2394
No. Of Cabins 964

Itinerary (3 Nights)















Singapore Tour Packages

Balcony Cabin

Singapore holiday Packages

Glimpse of Entertainment on Costa Victoria

Singapore tours Singapore holiday packages Singapore packages


  • Cruise – Mariners of the Sea, from Royal Caribbean
Gross Tonnage 1,38,000 grt
Passenger Capacity 3807
No. Of Cabins 1557

Itinerary (3 Nights)






Kuala Lumpur







 Singapore Tour Packages

Balcony Cabin on Mariner of the Sea

Singapore packages

Glimpse of entertainment on Cruise

Singapore tours Singapore packages Singapore packages

So, What are you waiting for ? Book your Singapore Holiday Tour Packages and enjoy your vacation in world class cruise liners operating from Singapore, which can make your vacation memorable. For more details on Singapore Vacation Click : and get in touch with our South East Asia Tour Expert.

NASA : A must visit in USA Tour Packages


No other country is doing space research, as much as what America is doing. The best part is America has some of the tourists’ attractions and school children teaching, Wherein they explain to common man the mysteries, findings and future vision of Space, And the Man’s endeavor to know and conquer the space.


USA Tour Packages

NASA is a major central Florida tourist destination and is approximately one hour’s drive from the Orlando. NASA Education Technology team designs, develops, implements and evaluates the products and services that use technology to enhance the educational process for formal and informal education, as well as lifelong learning. NASA Visitor Complex, offers public tours, has a variety of exhibits, artifacts, displays and attractions on the history and future of human and robotic spaceflight. The complex also includes the separate Apollo Saturn V center in north of the Vehicle Assembly Building, and the USA Astronaut hall of fame.

Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd. gives u an opportunity to visit NASA Kennedy space center, an excellent place for both kids and adults and it offers below attractions:



USA holiday packages

Take a bus tour of NASA and drive by the space shuttle launch pad and then experience the historic Apollo 8 launch site and marvel at a massive 363-foot-long Saturn V moon rocket at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.


USA tours

Space Shuttle Atlantis showcases is priceless, historic spacecraft that tells the incredible story of NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program. Space Shuttle Atlantis is displayed as only spacewalking astronauts have seen her before  rotated 43.21 degrees with payload doors open and its robotic arm extended make us feel, as it has just undocked from the International Space Station.


USA holiday tours

Shuttle Launch Experience is the simulation ride its  combines the detailed accounts of astronaut experiences with the expertise of premier design engineers to produce a true-to-life experience and it’s  unique  attractions for the visitors around the world.  The technical highlights include an amazingly realistic simulation of the space shuttle’s eight and a half-minute ascent into orbit, custom-designed crew cabins with unprecedented vertical range, high-definition audiovisual effects, and advanced seating effects to maximize the sense of realism.


USA tour packages

In two giant IMAX theaters, the dream of space flight comes alive with a wall of sound effects the five-story screen and realistic 3-D special effects. Dramatic footage shot by NASA astronauts during actual missions will make you feel like you’re floating alongside them.


USA holiday tours

At the Apollo/Saturn V Center you can not only touch a moon rock but also stand under the largest rocket which had been to moon! Feel the space race come alive as you stand under the largest rocket ever made – the mighty Saturn V. This monumental 363-foot rocket was America’s lunar transportation for 27 brave astronauts who traveled to the moon and back, fulfilling the dreams and imagination of people around the world. The same sense of awe still overwhelms visitors of today. 


USA holiday packages from Ahmedabad

In rocket garden you can fill the thrill of early space flight, surrounded by the actual rockets of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.

So, If you are going on USA Tour, NASA can be an amazing experience for you. For more information on our USA Tour Packages including NASA , Visit