How To Make Singapore Tour Packages Luxurious?

SINGAPORE : Luxury Unbound

For years, Singapore is seen by travelers from Gujarat as business or semi business destination. Even for leisure travelers, Singapore would be having very low end hotels and very standard sightseeing. Even today also many tours stick to low level hotels or budget hotels. People do not know that Singapore has extreme high and luxurious hotels and we can just use the word, luxury unbound for Singapore.

I would like draw attention to, 3 properties for Singapore.

  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Resort world Sentosa
  • Rosa Sentosa Resort

1) Marina Bay Sands

Singapore tour packages

Marina Bay Sands: Stay in the most spectacular hotel in Singapore, ultimate luxury and breathtaking views. Where your luxurious vacation takes breath, it’s not just a hotel but a dream of luxuries, which can be filled with a choice of 2561 luxurious rooms and suites, Life is a breeze here with a sands park. The sky park is a home to restaurant, gardens, an experience of world’s most amazing hotel rooftop pool, the stunning outdoor infinity pool offers the best city skyline view of 5 star hotel in Singapore, whether you want to lounge, socialize , or play the infinity pool offers all the pleasures of a hotel stay well spent. Marina Bay Sands varieties of multi cuisine restaurant like American, Italian, French and of course Indian and stay is full of entertainment and rocking night life. You can experience physical, mental and spiritual restorative power of touch with Banyan tree spa.

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2) Resorts world Sentosa

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Resorts world Sentosa is the first ever integrated resort on Sentosa Island in Singapore. Adventures at Resort world sentosa is only limited by your imaginations. This world class integrated resort is the ideal resort destination where everyone can come together for moving experiences and lasting memories Come discover a million truly rewarding movements all in one world with its highly anticipated and exciting attractions Universal studio Singapore, festive walk, marine life park, sea Aquarium, Casino All at one place.

Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad

Singapore holiday tours3) Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa

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What you are looking for? A relaxing beach front living, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and spa, Singapore is the only beach front resort in this metropolitan city.

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So , If you are planning for Luxurious Singapore Tour, we can help you to organize your vacation in Singapore with our Singapore Holiday Tour packages. For more information or to get in touch with our South East Tour Expert you can visit :

Video On: How To Select Europe Package Tour From Gujarat?

Reviewing and choosing the best Europe Package Tour From Gujarat can be a challenging task. There are so many factors to take into account, such the cost, destinations covered, food choices, tour dates, help in getting visa and many other factors.

Flamingo Transworld specialises in organising packaged group tours or individual itinerary for travellers bound to Europe. Here’s a video we made, which can help you to select the best Europe tour option:

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We hope that this video is a good resource to help you make a good decision on your next Europe Package Tour From Gujarat or any other place from India.

Bintan, Indonesia: Beach Desitination Near Singapore – Tour Packages From Gujarat

Many believe that Singapore is a busy business city.

In spite of the fact that Singapore has many high rise building, but it is not a concrete jungle thanks to Gardens, Lakes and plantations. But, passengers taking tours to Singapore from Gujarat actually miss a beach resort.

Can we have a beach resort in the busy city like Singapore?

Yes, here is, and the answer is Bintan Island.

Bintan Island is an island of Indonesia. The island flourished as a trading post on the route between China and India, and over the centuries it came under the control of the Chinese, the British, and then the Dutch. The island has beaches with beach-front International hotels and resorts.

Bintan Island is good travel option for water sport activities, History, culture, Relaxation and many more. So if you are planning for any short trip for 5 to 6 nights then this can be wonderful option.

Singapore the closest major city, so you can reach Bintan in 45-50 minute trip by ferry. Bintan Island have many award winning, integrated tropical beach resort destination with world class facilities.

Hotels in Bintan Island:

1) Bintan Lagoon Resort

Bintan Lagoon Resort is a beautiful, 470-room beachfront resort, with two golf courses. The hotel is easily accessible by direct ferry from Singapore and is the jewel resort on Bintan Island.

The Bintan Lagoon Resorts is the best place for your comfortable and safe stay at this place where you can enjoy the life to its maximum level.

More guests stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort than any other hotel in Bintan. With over 12 restaurants and hundreds of activities, Bintan Lagoon Resort is the epitome of deluxe hospitality.

Singapore tour packages Singapore holiday tours Singapore tour packages from Mumbai


2) Nirwana Resort and Spa

Nirwana Resort Hotel has 245 guestrooms including 31 suites, all with sweeping sea, pool or garden views.

Full modern amenities and facilities are available to guests and most importantly restaurants and bars will satisfy valuable guests.

 Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad Singapore tours

3) Banayan Tree Bintan

Place you find Luxury in Bintan – Banyan Tree Bintan

Banyan Tree Bintan is a tropical heaven with luxurious resort, Comprising of 64 exclusive villas perched on a cliffside, each private villa offers panoramic views of the shimmering South China Sea.

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So, Whenever you plan to go on Singapore Tour Packages from Gujarat for 5 to 6 Nights, Bintan Island can be an ultimate Beach Destination for your Vacation. For more details on Singapore Tour Packages with Bintan Island you can get in touch with our SouthEast Asia Tour Expert or Click  :

Life Without Water: Singapore Tour Packages From Gujarat

Singapore: Life without Water

Many countries have oil,

Many have vast land for Agriculture,

Many have minerals and Metals,

Many Have Gold, Diamonds etc.

But Singapore Has None Of Above.

It is quite understandable that the countries having natural resources, will definitely progress thanks to the natural resources. But, can you imagine any county, which has scarce land for people to live, zero land for agriculture, zero crude petroleum, no minerals, no metals, no gold and most important very less water resources, still progressed and progressed in a big way, yes there is a country, which has achieved great progress without natural resources and that is Singapore.

Singapore has the population of 54 lacs people and total land area in just 716 Singapore got its independence from Briton in 1963, and in 50 years today, it has per capital income of SGD 64000 per annum per person.

The Singapore today is a developed nation or first world country, from developing or Third world country. It’s only due to the will of Singaporean to fight the circumstances and their enthusiasm to progress and live a better life for themselves, and their children, that has transformed the country from third world to first world country.

I would like to give example of water management by Singapore. For passenger travelling from Gujarat should know water management system of Singapore, because Gujarat also has scarcity of water. Singapore reservoir and Singapore river is not able to provide sufficient water for the need of Singapore. Till recently, Singapore was importing their water need from the Johor district of the neighboring country, Malaysia.

Must see thing in Singapore

Can you imagine a country living on imported water, and still progressing fast? Singapore started NEWater factories in 2002 for the reclamation of sewage water. Usable water is produced from treated used water that is purified further, using advanced membrane technology and ultra-violet disinfection, making it safe to drink. NEWater is mainly used in Industry and for Air-conditioning cooling towers. NEWater meets up to 30% of Singapore’s current water needs.

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A small portion of NE water is also blended with Singapore reservoir, which would be used for drinking. For the person who are opting for Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages visit to NEWater plant is must because Gujarat also has a great scarcity of water in western Gujarat region of Kutch and costal district. The processing of reclaimed water for industrial purpose and desalination of sea water can be very useful to the fight the water shortages.

Singapore tour packages

Therefore, people taking tours to Singapore from Gujarat, NEWater is must visit center.

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How to get China Visa from India ? – UNWINDING PROCEDURE OF CHINA VISAS

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A person may wonder is China visas so difficult that Flamingo is writing a blog on that?

There are lacs of people going to China for business, studies and as tourists.

It is actually very simple to get China visas, thanks to the systematic and clear policies laid by Chinese Embassy. But many do not understand and respect this system and try to find shortcuts and due to that their program gets stuck. We believe that if you follow the right system of Consulate, China visas is easy to get.

A Chinese visa is a permit issued by visa authorities of the People’s Republic of China in accordance with its laws and regulations to a foreign citizen for entry into, exit from or transit through Chinese territory. The Chinese visa authorities will issue a diplomatic visa, courtesy visa, service visa or ordinary visa according to the foreign citizen’s status, purpose of visit and type of passport.

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The most important point is what is the main purpose of your visit to China and which is the most appropriate visa category for your visa application :

Major Purpose of Visit

  Visa Categories

Description of Visa

Commerce & Trade


Issued to those who are invited to China for commercial and trade activities.
As a tourist L

Issued to those who are going to travel to China for tourism.


If you wish to travel for commerce and trade purpose the main requirement is Invitation letter from Invitee. Now there must be question in your mind what is Invitation letter and how it should be? Let me brief you for the same.

Invitation letter must contain date, addressing to embassy of china, passport details of person who is travelling, purpose of invitation, inviting on which date, signature of inviting person with designation which should be in Chinese, red round stamp of the company should be beside the signature and all of the above   should be on Company’s letterhead,

If the invitee wants embassy to grant multiple entry visa to his/her client, they should mention the same in their Invitation letter.

If one wish to travel china for tourist purpose than they need to prepare detailed itinerary for visa process.

China Tours

How we can understand the validity and duration of stay?

Validity of a visa refers to the period that the visa holder is allowed to enter China. A visa becomes effective from the date of issuance. The visa automatically becomes invalid once its period of validity expires regardless of whether its entries are used up or not.

Duration of stay of a visa refers to the longest period the visa holder is allowed to stay in China from the day following entry to China on each visit.

Overstay in China violates the country’s laws and regulations on control of the entry and exit of foreigners, and could result in a fine or other penalty.

Chinese Embassy provides facility of granting visas in Normal Process, also in Urgent Process in case of emergency of travel by taking extra charges.

Visa Fees for each Indian Nationals are same for each type of visas. While for US Citizen or any third country citizen visas fees differs. For each category of visas, there are different visa fees.

Rejection Ratio of Chinese Visa is near to Zero percent but the only condition is proper documentation. Different type of documentation is required as per the purpose of travel. Explore China with our China Holiday Tour Packages

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Future Tours From India

From ancient days , from the time of Egyptian civilization about 4000 years back , man was Travelling.

Those days , man used to travel to find new land , food, resources & Trade.

In the Greeks & Roman times upto the middle ages , man travelled for Trade .

In Asia, especially in India, China & Malaysia coast , Trade & exchange of knowledge were the prime reasons for man to Travel.

In modern times, with the advent of Aeroplane, Automobiles & Infrastructure , people started travelling for seeing the world , Leisure & knowing new things.

That is why many people focus on sightseeing & comfort when they are travelling.

Today, elderly & middle aged generation want to see the world.

Also there is a huge business traffic wherein businessman travel throughout the world , for trade & business.

Thus today’s travel is leisure, sightseeing and business.

International tour packages

How do we travel in the next 20,30 ,50 years?

Following points will be the future trends.

1)     Reduction of Business Traffic:-

With Internet communication becoming so strong, with webcam, internet phones & web conferences, Businessman would do most of their Business, without travelling & they will be talking on web.

We believe that with the powerful internet overall the business traffic is going to go down in the next 20 – 30 years.

2)     Experience will be the Key:-

Today’s youngsters are so good at internet surfing that they probably have no mystery.

They have seen Youtube , Videos, Wikipedia & websites for many places.

Once upon a time, National History Museums of New York or London used to be a big attraction.

Today’s youngsters just laugh at them, because on Wikipedia & Google,

they have seen & studied most of the objects of their own interests.

What the youngsters want, is not sightseeing , but they want Experience.

Future of the traveled world would be to Experience , to Feel & to do.

International tour packages from Ahmedabad

They  would love to be in Theme parks, They would love to play Sports, Horse riding, Camping, Biking, Hiking, Trekking, Shopping, Self Drive, Camper vans & so on.

People would love to experience the activities they like.

Just sightseeing would go out of place.

3)     Leisure & Luxury would be up:-

Leisure , Luxury, Hotels , Fine Dines, Cruises ,Good Apartment stays would all go up.

People would like to have an Airplane which is comfortable .

Airbus did a survey & understood this fact, Please refer to our blog on Aviation 2050,

Luxury cruise Liners , with comforts , views & activities would be in demand.

4)     Theme Travels would go up :-

People would travel to attend music festivals, see sports events, & would go for a particular theme.

International holiday packages from Mumbai

This travel would go up in a big way.

5)     Travelling to meet Friends & know new people.

Facebook & other social medias are bringing people closer to each other.

People would travel to meet their new friends, At the same time people are getting interested

In knowing different lifestyles, cultures , social systems of people from different regions & different countries.

The Travel would be to know the different people.

Thus , We believe that Travel would take a completely new direction in the next 20-30 years.

For more interesting information on Travels and Tours, check out :


Deciding Europe Group Tour from India ?

Europe tour packages

For any common passenger, finalizing & deciding Europe Tour from India is a very confusing  job.

There are many Tour Operators who give catchy advertisements about wife free, child free or similar. There are many who advertise like, Book an Europe vacation & get Singapore or India vacation for free.

Every Tour operator will try to argue for their Itinerary & say ours is the best.

Its so confusing for customers, that he is going from one Tour operator to another comparing Itinerary, Price, Inclusions & we find that everyday his confusions go up.

Followings are the Tips , which can help him decide better & faster.

A)    Nothing is Free in this world:-

Free word is a gimmick used by the Tour operators & customer should sincerely ask questions & go in depth about the free aspects.

In fact , one should give negative marks  to the operator who does the gimmicks of free offers.

B)    Understand the problems of Europe Group Tours :-

There is around 4000 – 5000 kms of travel in Europe Group Tours in about 14-18 days. So we should go for tours which is having less Travel. Per day travel should not be more than 300 kms / per day .

This is the most Important.

C)    Understand the Hotels : –

In normal case in Europe all Tour Operators give hotels, which are around 30 kms from the city centre. Plus the rooms are smaller & no Porter is available. Many operators give exact hotel names and addresses on the last minute.

We believe that ,It is absolutely must to know the names & addresses of Hotels before you are booking the Tour.

D)    Know Restaurants & Food in Detail:-

Breakfasts served in hotels are very basic & practically no Indian items are served in Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner are in Indian Restaurants.

It is imperative for the Traveler to discuss the Meals, Restaurants, Menu Items etc before finalizing the Tour.

E)     Understand what is Caravan :-

In Europe , some local Tour Operators are serving the food in Caravans. Caravan is minivan , in which moving Kitchen is there . This Caravan moves with the Tour & serves Food to passengers . In places like London, Paris, Switzerland Caravan is illegal , so Caravan is not possible. Most important is when using Caravan, lunch is served on the petrol pumps or some parking area. People have to eat food in the paper plates standing on the Petrol pumps. In Europe, Climate is very uncertain, sometimes very cold, Rainy & sometimes hot. It is very difficult to eat outside standing on the road or Petrol pump.

So we definitely believe , Caravan should be avoided. 

F)     Knowing the Sightseeing:-

Understand what sightseeing are included in the Tour. Europe is the center of History, culture & Modern wonders. Make sure that the Tour Operator includes the must & the most important sightseeing of your choice.

We believe that one should focus more on what the tour operator is going to show than anything else.

Above are some Tips which will be very useful to you for finalizing your Europe Tour.

Have a Happy Tour to Europe ! 

For More Information about Europe Holiday Tour Packages you can visit our website

Need Europe OR Schengen Visa For Europe Tour from India ?

Europe tour packages

26 European countries have come together & formed a borderless world.

This is called Schengen Union & if you want to travel in these countries, then only one visa is required which is common for all 26 countries – called Schengen visa.

The 26 countries which are included are listed below.

Schengen visa is valid for
Austria Belgium Denmark
Finland France Germany
Greece Iceland Italy
Luxembourg Netherlands Norway
Portugal Italy Sweden
Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Poland Czech Republic Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia Malta
Switzerland Lichtenstein

All above countries have their consulates/embassies office in India. One can apply to any of these countries visas.

Now, most important point is from where you should apply & what the procedures are.

First and foremost you have to form your itinerary & decide which cities & countries you are going to stay.

In case of travel to more than one Schengen country, please submit your application to the Embassy / Consulate where you will be staying for the maximum number of days.

In case of equal stay in two different Schengen countries then, one has to apply at the Schengen country which is the first port of entry.

Please note that holders of a Schengen visa are still subject to immigration control and are not guaranteed entry into any of the Schengen countries, even though they may hold a valid visa for these countries.

The Schengen visa is granted in the form of a sticker affixed on a passport, a travel document or another valid document which entitles the holder to cross the border.

We repeat that  Possession of a Schengen visa does not confer automatic right of entry.

Entry will only be granted if the other conditions laid down by the Schengen Convention are met, i.e. the justification of the purpose and the conditions of the trip and the possession of sufficient funds.

Short Stay Schengen Visa

The short-stay visa is the most common Schengen visa.

It entitles travellers, subject to the visa requirement, to enter the territories of the 26 Schengen States to pay a continuous visit or several visits (depending on the number of entries granted by the consulate), the duration of which does not exceed three months (90 days) in any half-year from the date of first entry in the Schengen area. As an example suppose you want to apply for visas from Italy.

In order to apply for a travel visa at the Embassy of Italy, your only destination or your main destination (longest duration of stay) must be Italy.

In the absence of a main destination (e.g. same duration of stay in two or more countries) you should apply at the country of first entry because your passport will show the entry stamp of your first destination only. Same with other countries.

For visas one need to submit proper itinerary & also most important is your actual hotel bookings. It is must that hotel bookings & all other bookings have to be genuine & consulate verifies the same with the hotel, airlines & other.

We strongly suggest that one should apply for Schengen visas only and only after your tour program is fixed & all your hotel bookings confirmed.

Change in program or hotel bookings can have very adverse effect at the time of entry. Be honest and submit the truth that is the most effective policy.

Many times consulate call for the personal interviews to Delhi/Mumbai or takes interview on phone. So please pick up the phone when it comes from consulate/embassy.

Sometimes consulate give conditional  visas, in that case you have to appear in person, to the consulate/embassy with your passport and arrival/departure boarding pass after you come back from the tour.

It is our observation that consulates are very sympathetic to genuine travellers, and most important is to disclose each and everything very rightly and truthfully to the consulates.

If you speak truth and if your case is genuine then consulates have all the plus feelings for you. There is great rush in the consulates in season time. Applying early with sufficient buffer in time is a very wise policy.

Otherwise it may happen that you may come into hotel, airline cancellations.

Again in the end we reiterate the followings:

  • Follow the truth and have genuine itinerary and bookings
  • Apply early for processing in time

We believe that Schengen visa would not be difficult, if you follow the above.

Have a happy Europe trip!

For more information on Schengen or Europe Visa assistance contact our visa expert from here. Also you can contact us for Europe Holiday Tour Packages 

How to get USA Visa from India? For America Tour from India

USA tour packages

To visit USA is everybody’s dream and to achieve that one needs USA visas.

However, most of us believe that it’s too difficult to get USA visa.

We are sure that to obtain visa successfully by following systematic procedure of visa application,

On the ground of truth & honesty need to be done.

Everybody would have to go for interview.

We strongly believe that, for USA visas applications (or any country visas application), And giving interview, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

One should speak the truth, declare all things transparently and all right information should be given to the consulates.

USA Visa Requirement

  • Minimum 8  Months valid Passport
  • Evidence of your proposed tour Itinerary/Sponsorship I-134
  • Your Last year Income Tax return
  • Proof of present occupation.

Basic Visa Process

  • First one will have to pay visa fee to the consulate that will take 72 hours for updating online.
  • We will fill up your online application and will send to you for your final confirmation & required correction.
  • Finally we will proceed for visa interview date to Mumbai & we will call to you before selection of online date.(you must have to stay minimum 1 over night in Mumbai)
  • One day would be the finger print and next day would be the interview.

Get the USA visa and choose our best USA holiday tours from India to enjoy the American holiday dream to your fullest.

More details on the USA visa process is available on our website here. Also you can contact us for your America Tour Packages from India.

Desert Safari: A must to do activity in Dubai Tour Packages from Gujarat

Desert Dune Safari is a must do if you happen to visit Dubai, it is an adventure you will never forget! As you can see in  around 45 minutes we have driven to a meeting point where all desert safari tour operators gather as a tradition. Note that this is the entry point to the desert, so the drivers deflate  the tyres of their cars before entering the sands of the desert.

Desert-Safari-Dubai, Dubai Tour Packages From India

Now visitors, hold the seats as a  roller coaster experience on the sands of the Dubai begins! Riding over sands dunes and sliding off at 45 degree angles while being strapped  in a 4 wheel drive that is constantly  shaking from side to side, is a scary but fun experience you’ll agree. Oh you will surely have an adrenaline rush!

For Dubai Group Tours, Dubai Package Tours from Ahmedabad, Gujarat Contact Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd.

Desert Camps

Camps: After a brief stop when we survey the immense majesty of the desert, the desert camp with its typical red, white and black cushions laid out in the majlis style, with the distinctive hubbly bubbly in the corner. There you cannot afford to miss the Desert quad biking experience. The easy drive on the sands will ensure to excite all your senses. As per the honoured tradition of the region, you are welcomed with a cup of fragrant Arabic coffee and dates which I am sure you’ll enjoy. Those wishing to pick up interesting souvenirs can do so. You can purchase sand art done by artists in glass bottles. Also you can have your hands painted with  Heena designs, and also you can experience a short camel ride. You can also relish different flavoured Hukkas in the camp.


As the evening grows dark you will be informed by the announcer about the performance of the mesmerizing belly dance performance by the fireside. There the beautiful belly dancer performs different steps of belly dancing. The crowd applauds each steps and enjoy the enchanting belly dancing. Later you will be awestruck by the “Tanura” dancer’s performance which will surely make a deep impact on your hearts. Do lay back and relax while the hosts get the barbeque going and lay out a delicious spread of continental and Arabic dishes, including both vegetarian and non vegetarian. They offer free drinks to all the visitors of the desert safari.


Last but not the least, you will be entertained by the fire ball performer. The performer plays with the fireballs and performs various steps with accuracy which you will surely remember.

All the visitors take photographs and videos of all the performers and have a gala time in the peaceful beautiful desert sands. Later all depart from the desert camps to their hotels from the deflation point in the cars with beautiful memories.


No wonder, desert safari is a must must do activity if you are in the land of deserts : DUBAI!

For Dubai Tour Packages, Group Tours to Dubai from Ahmedabad, Gujarat Contact : Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd.