Must Know Facts Before You Plan Your Trip To Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most exciting places to visit in the North-east region. Loaded with beauty all over, it attracts a number of tourists around the year and that is one of the key reasons why there has been a increased number of tourists in this region of India.

Sikkim tours

If you are planning your trip to Sikkim soon, then there is a guarantee that you are going to love every minute of this heavenly place. No doubt, your Sikkim tour is surely going to be interesting but you need to keep these facts in mind before planning your trip to Sikkim:

1. Rain proof your luggage:

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It is very much possible that while you are planning your trip to Sikkim then there are higher chances of rain, especially at the most unexpected times. If you are keeping your luggage on the carrier of your vehicle then your luggage is likely to get wet. You need to ensure beforehand that your clothes are covered in the plastic bags, although the cover provided by the taxi guy is barely going to help you. Also, you are going to have a hard time in drying your clothes due to the cold climate.

2. Working hours in Sikkim:

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 Unlike other big cities and places, the markets and shops close down very early in Sikkim. The markets and shops shut down in Sikkim at 8 pm and there are hardly any restaurants and eateries that are opened beyond that time. So, if you are planning to visit any one of these places, make sure you check in advance.

3. Boots and Coats are available on rent:

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In Sikkim, the boots and coats are available for rent and you can skip buying that. Warm jackets, boots and gloves are easily available for rent where you need them at cheap rates. In areas laden with snow, there are larger numbers of chances for you to rent them.

4. Be ready for permits: 

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At most of the tourist spots, especially in North and East Sikkim, there is a valid proof that is needed. To make a new permit every time you need to require id proof and photos. It is advisable to carry 10 photos and photocopies of your id proof for permit. To save more time, you can also have prior talks to the tour operator or the package operator to sort things out well in advance.

5. Average speed in Sikkim:

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The average speed in Sikkim is quite low due to the tricky curves in the narrow roads and hilly areas where there is often too much of traffic. Travelling from one place to another also consumes enough time but even though the time might make your trip boring the views and the scenic beauty won’t make you get bored. The average speed in Sikkim is up to 25KMPH.

5. Shared taxis:

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There are shared taxis that run in the entire region of Sikkim. There are barely any tourist buses but you can always share a taxi for transportation. Sometimes you might have to even face the problem of changing taxis to get to the desired location but in any case you won’t have to wait for too long for the same.

Keep these things in mind while planning your Sikkim Tours and your trip would be exciting.

Five Amazing Getaways For A Solo, Self DiscoveryTrip

Sometimes a Solo Trip to a far off land is all that you need to get your thoughts on track. No matter how long and how far you roam around with your friends and family, no matter how beautiful and amazing places you get to see in their company and no matter how much you love their company.


A solo trip is one such trip which cannot be compared to any other thing in this entire world. That is the reason; the number of people who love going on solo trips has increased as it turns you out into a story teller and teaches you a lot about life. Also, there are some special Tour Packages  which help you out with the self discovery trip of yours. Here is a list of five such places in India which are just meant for solo travellers:

1. Zanskar:


Zanskar is the most isolated valleys out of all the Himalayan valleys. This is one such destination which demands to be covered on a road trip to Leh-Ladakh. The untouched and pristine beauty that Zanskar offers can be termed as the experience of a lifetime. The many Buddhist monasteries that are lined up here are worth the visit of this place. April- August is the perfect time to visit Zanskar.

2. Lahaul-Spiti:


One of the most under-rated and unexplored places of India has to be Lahaul-Spiti which calls for the trip of a lifetime. The beautiful monasteries and mountains await your visit here.  You can make a road trip while passing Manali or Leh and visit this paradise which Spiti is. The people here are extra kind and that is one of the reasons why you need not worry about your accommodation as you can easily stay with them and have the time of your life and click some beautiful pictures and write stories.

3. Sandhan Valley:


Sandhan Valley is located in Maharashtra and is also called as the Great Canyon of Maharashtra. The combination of the valley and a canyon is the perfect company you could ever ask yourself for. This water carved valley has Ratnagad and Ajoba mountain ranges around it. Accommodate yourself in the tents that lie in the campsites and cook your own food on the woods which you might have to collect.

4. Gokarna:


Gokarana calls for one of the most chilled out experiences that you are looking ahead to. Even though this place is a temple town the beaches here are just too amazing to fill up your demands. The beautiful beaches here are truly mesmerizing, one turning out to be greater than the other lying in quick succession. Out of the many cottages laid out, stay in any one them like a real bag-packer.

5. Varanasi:


Last but in no ways the least is the ancient place of India which has its roots still connected to the Hindu mythology. It is said that coming to this place is easy but going from this place is quite difficult. Out of the many Ghats that are lined up here, each having their own religious significance, you need to visit the Manikarnika Ghat and the Assi Ghat as they teach you everything about life. The street food culture of Varanasi is possibly the best you can get.

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Top 05 Destinations In South India Which You Need To Visit This Summer

South India is considered to be as the paradise destination in India where a large number of tourists usually visit this segment of India to escape the summer heat. If you are planning to go on a vacation with your family then there is no other place as good as South India.

Domestic tour packages

There are certain destinations which are surely going to make you fall in love with this place that you would find it difficult to go back. But, nonetheless make sure you treat these five places as the best possible summer retreat destinations of South India:

1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

Domestic tour packages from Mumbai

One of the coolest places on earth, Kodaikanal is surely going to amaze you with the natural beauty. The cool breeze, cascading waterfalls and the beauty of lakes is waiting for you to be explored.  April to June is the best time to visit Kodaikanal. The Silver Cascade Waterfall, Bryant Park, Kodai Lake, Coaker’s Walk, Berijam Lake and Kodaikanal Lake are some of the famous places of visit which you need to visit in Kodaikanal. The ever pervading nature is surely going to amaze you.

2. Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh.

Domestic tour packages from Ahmedabad

This tiny hamlet is located at a height of 2600 feet above the sea level. Also referred to as Andhra Kashmir, the temperature here sometimes falls below zero degrees in the night and that’s the reason why people love coming and exploring this place. The chilling weather and the picturesque image of Lambasingi is the most preferred summer destination in South India.

3. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh.

Domestic tours

One of the most preferred tourist destination in Andhra Pradesh, it is a guarantee that you are saved from the summer heat. The coffee plantations, ancient caves, trekking terrains, blossoming orchards are some of the major attractions of Araku Valley. The climate is always pleasant here and that is one of the prime reasons why people can visit there at any time of the year.

4. Ananthagiri Hills, Andhra Pradesh.

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Nestled in the South Indian state of India, Ananthagiri Hills in Andhra Pradesh is the coolest getaway from the summer heat. The blooming orchards, dense woodlands and glimmering waterfalls is all that you are going to find here. Katki Waterfalls, Borra Hills and Caves, Padmapuram Gardens, Bhavanasi Lake are the major tourist attractions of this place. Ananthagiri is easily accessible by taxis, train and buses from Hyderabad.

5. Coorg, Karnataka.

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This place needs no introduction as it is quite famous as the Scotland of India. Filled with greenery all over, this encapsulating place is pure bliss. April to August is the perfect time to visit Coorg. If you wish to set out on an exploration then you can easily come across many wonders with which Coorg will amaze you but you definitely cannot miss out on Barapole River, Omkareshwara Temple, Dubare Reserve Forest and Elephant Camp which are the major attractions.

Reasons to visit The Venetian® Macao

The Venetian Macao is one of the finest places on earth to spend your vacation at, and if you are looking for reasons then here are a few which shall force you to be there.


This place shall be a sort of dream vacation for all those who are in escape and need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Macau tour packages offer one of those hot-spots where, fun and frolic comes sometimes at unexpected costs and sometimes this leisure has to be earned as well. In any case, there are plenty more reasons to it, why you ought to make it here. Some of them being:

1. Shop till your heart is content:

The venetian macao

Shopping here, shall give you a thrill like no other place in the entire world as the shops that are lined up here serves to its tourists with saleable items of all kinds. Right from street side shopping to purchasing good brands, you shall love every inch of this place. So make sure you pack something not only for yourself but also for your friends and family.

2. Watch the magic driven over by the skies:

Macau tour packages

The painted hanging sky over The Venetian Macao canals shall make you go awe-struck. Often, visitors confuse it for being realistic but it is too artistic that it seems real. This is an ultimate experience on its own.

3. Be surrounded by real Gondoliers:

Macau holidays

One of the most interesting and fascinating part of The Venetian Macao is its network of canals. And then while you are posing in front of the canal, you would find gondolas which are manned by gondoliers warbling tunes from the old country. Gondola ride runs from 11 am to 10 pm and it is said that it boasts of authentic Gondoliers who are shipped from Venice. So, won’t you like being here and have the time of your life.

These reasons are perhaps one of the major reasons why The Venetian Macao cannot be missed at any cost. Get the most of this fancy place while you are here and you are surely going to come back with dozens of memories and a time which you will crave back to get once you are out of it. You now need to stop fantasizing and make your way down to The Venetian Macao.

Top 6 Science Centers to visit in The United States of America

If science is something which draws your attention then visit these top science centers when you are in USA. If you plan to visit USA soon and are looking for places which are beyond the ordinary, then your purpose is solved, as America tour packages brings to you a visit to the top 6 science centers in America that you definitely need to visit.

us tour packages

So, make sure that no matter where you go and what wonders you see, you also make your way down to these amazing science centers where you not only get to see a lot of things but also learn.

Here is our list of the top 6 science centers:

1. COSI – Columbus, Ohio

usa tours

COSI i.e. Center of Science and Industry is located in Columbus and one of the greatest science centers that you shall come across in the USA. There are more than 300 exhibits that are waiting to be seen, touched and explored by all the curious minds who visit this science centre. Young children can play freely here and among-st many other things there is a barn, tree house and the farmer’s market. There are daily shows that are held here and also a Planetarium. Once you are in this science centre, you surely will get to explore things in plenty.

2. EXPLORATORIUM – San Francisco, California

usa tours from ahmedabad

Exploratorium, which is located in California, was reopened a few years ago and boasts around 600 exhibits in six main galleries. The in-house machine shop that is built here is extraordinary and unmatched from all the other things that you are going to find in and around every science centre. Kids can make bubbles which are big enough to hold their parents or look into an anti-gravity mirror which makes them feel like they are flying.

3. MUSEUM OF SCIENCE – Boston, Massachusetts

american tours

Museum of Science is located in Boston and no matter what kind of science interests you, you are surely going to find something as the total number of exhibits that are present here are close to 700. What you would definitely love here are the butterfly garden, dinosaur pig, planetarium show and a Hall of Human Life where you would see baby chicks hatch. Make sure you wait for some time and witness the lightning show that takes place at regular intervals.

4. LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER – Jersey City, New Jersey

usa holiday packages

Liberty Science Center is in New Jersey and apart from its sheer brilliance, this place has gained appreciation for its engineering, design and architecture which is one of the prime reasons why people love to visit this place. All you need to do here is explore the vast gallery and look up to the exhibits that are available here and you are definitely going to fall in love with this place and visit again.


usa tour packages from india

 There are not one but many things to do here in New York Hall of Science like making bubbles and seeing frozen shadows on the walls. It is advisable to go here during April to November as the big open playground opens up and then you can experiment with a lot of activities and also try your hand in all kinds of equipment’s. Kids will especially enjoy their time here.

6. CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER – Los Angeles, California

usa tour packages

Besides being home to Space Shuttle Endeavor, California Science Center is a paradise for all science-lovers. It has galleries and discovery rooms that have plenty for people to explore and see. Sneak into the Creative World here and you would surely not feel like coming out of it.

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6 Unusual things to do in Dubai which no one is going to tell you about

When you are planning to make your way down to Dubai with your family and friends and everyone around is telling you how lovely the Desert Safari is and boasting appreciations for Burj-al-Khalifa or the Dubai Mall, then you need to hold on your nerves because there is much more in Dubai holiday tour packages than what you have been hearing so far.

Dubai tour packages

We provide you with the list of six unusual things that you can do in Dubai after you are done with your mainstream visiting of the famous places. And you can trust us here, these unusual things are something which you won’t regret doing. But if you miss out on this, then maybe it could turn out to be a regret for lifetime.

1. Learn the art of Horse-whispering:

Dubai holiday packages

Find out all the ways and means to communicate with the horses and trying to understand what they are telling you at Speak Horse lessons which is run exclusively by Dubai’s Hoofbeatz equestrian centre. Who knows, you can speak to horses once you are out of this place.

2. Play Polo on a Camel:

Dubai packages

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club near Arabian Ranches makes you climb aboard a dromedary grab a mallet and gallop about the pitch trying to hit the ball. This unique experience of playing Polo on a camel is one such experience which is both fun and breath-taking at the same time.

3. Slather your face in 24 Carat Gold:

Dubai tours

Here, Gold leaf sheets are going to be applied over your face. This expensive treat shall do its magic after half an hour all at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic at Dubai Health Care City. Once you are out of this special treatment done to you, you are going to love every bit of the changed “ you”.

4. Be massaged with Lava Shells:

Dubai tour packages from Ahmedabad

No matter how much stressed you are or whatever is bothering you, soak into the massage with Lava Shells. It is inspired by the traditional hot stone massage, the shells that are used for this treatment are said to retain heat up to 12 times longer and help relieve the deepest of aches and pain. All of this is at Sisters Beauty Lounge, Jumeirah.

5. Eat Dinner with strangers on a secret location:

Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

Each month, Lime and Tonic hosts a one off secret supper club which is curated by pop up renegade chef Tomas Reger in an undisclosed location. Once you are done with your meal, you would like coming here again and again.

6. Dine inside a Classy Royal Car:

Dubai tours

Ramee International Hotel, Diera is a perfect getaway for you if you want to dine inside a royal car. The interiors are decked with high end vintage cars and big leather seats to make you at comfort from all ends. And once you have made yourself comfortable order whatever you wish to from the wide range of delicacies that they have to offer.

Wouldn’t you like getting indulged into these unique things and add some colors to your trip?

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There is no other place like Goa when you wish to have all kinds of amazing fun and frolic. But, in this happening place make sure you visit these seven food havens if you are a vegetarian and non-veg food isn’t your thing.

Goa tour packages

Goa is one of the most perfect places to literally chill yourself out and turn your vacation mode on. Right from all kinds of seafood at your disposal to street side snack, you cannot thank Goa for anything more. But, if you are a vegetarian and you feel lost in the food culture of Goa, then you need not fret as these seven vegetarian refuges will give you the best of Vegetarian food that you can expect in Goa tour packages:


Goa holiday tours

If you are amazed by the name of the restaurant itself, then you can always rely on this restaurant for an amazing food that it would treat you with. Decked up with not only a quirky ambiance, the atmosphere of this place is also outstanding which makes it even better for the people to visit Black Sheep. You are surely going to find the most happening crowd here as people from all age groups come here. The desserts and the Italian flavour will make your day here.

2. OUREM 88

Goa tour packages from Mumbai

If you are searching for a vegetarian restaurant in Goa which can serve you the best of vegetarian food then all you need to do is close your eyes and be at OUREM 88 which serves some of the best vegetarian delicacies one can expect. With a fine touch of European and British culture you cannot help yourself from making a way into this restaurant. And finally when you have made your way into this place and you are sitting comfortably then order for a portion of European food to satisfy your soul.


Goa packages from Ahmedabad

In this amazing restaurant, the first thing that will lit up your mood will be the ambiance which offers some beautiful views towards the sea. The sea- facing ambiance is a delight for many and finally when you are all settled to order for food, make sure that you order Margherita Pizza and portions of Italian Cuisine, combined with live music will surely do the trick for you.


Goa packages

 Zest in Goa is one of the safe places with not much of a quirky ambiance but some great food for the people who are in search of vegetarian food in Goa. You can always turn down to this place if you are looking for a filling breakfast alongside juices.


Goa tours

This place has an extensive menu with the major USP being its English breakfast that it serves. You might well be confused looking at the menu, over what to choose but you can always go for their Naan Bread or Jeera Rice which is indeed cooked to perfection.


Goa holiday packages

An amazing coconut ice-cream awaits you at Banyan Tree. If you love Thai Food, then this will surely be a paradise for you. If you are looking for a Romantic dinner on your Goa tour then you surely should come here.


Goa holiday packages

Away from the hustle and bustle, lies Edward’s Yard which has got some amazing food and making you feel better with its open space. Make sure you consult the chef before ordering your veg feast.

So get set and explore some interesting vegetarian delicacies in Goa!

5 Restaurants which you must visit in Dubai for a memorable Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and you might be scratching your head to make sure that your Valentine Dinner Date comes out to be as one of the most special one. There is no doubt regarding the fact that if you are in Dubai, you are surely going to spend some lovely time shopping or visiting exotic locations which might make your day better.  But V-Day surely has to be something more than that and to end this day on a romantic note, a dinner date in Dubai is one of the most happening things that you would ever want to live and make it happen. So, here is a list of five restaurants in Dubai, where you would really love to go on a dinner date and make love not only delicious food but also the quirky setup. So keep aside all the plans and head down to these places where cupid will surely strike :


Dubai tour packages

This undoubtedly has to be one of the most romantic set-up a restaurant could boast of. This high end Mediterranean Sea Food Restaurant  has all the reasons why you should be here. This restaurant is spreaded over a pier that is mounted over the ocean . There are not one but several USP’s of Pierchic which makes it as one of the best International Tour Packagesplace to be here for Valentine’s Day. If you wish to propose here, then it would surely serve as icing on the cake. You can later on spend some cosy time and hog onto delicious food that it has to offer.


Dubai holiday packages

At.mosphere is perhaps one of the world’s highest restaurant.  Nothing better, than dining out here in the best of your outfits and building castles in the air. This restaurant sits comfortably on the 123rd floor of BurjKhalifa, where you can wave hello to the world or maybe, shout out louder your lover’s name and feel proud about it. Once you are out of it, after having the amazing food they offer, especially desserts, you would realise how interesting this place is.


Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

This waterside restaurant will make your evening much better and brighter, it will fill not only your stomach but also your soul. Walking in to this exotic romantic place with your better half, would make you feel very special. The lounge experience here would nonetheless giving you an elevated feeling.  When it comes down to eating good food at such an amazing place then you should always try your hand in European and Spanish cuisine.


Dubai tour packages from Ahmedabad

Dine in at the private dining areas that Maui Beach Bar has to offer to you. Apart from the beachside location and the romantic setup, often couples come down to this place. Soak into the three course meal that is generally offered here, which is nothing less than an awesome treat for you. Enjoy the food that is laid out on the table infront of you, or walk hand in hand with your lover. In every case, you are going to love it even more. The rose bonbon at the end of your day, designed for the lovebirds will win your heart.


Dubai tours

If you have ever fantasied about dining in, in a floating restaurant then this is the place where all your questions will be answered. With a lovely interior that this place is decked up with, international cuisine that is served here, be It veg or non-veg has especially been made to make sure that there are no loose ends on this special day.

Be at any of these romantic restaurants, in Dubai and make sure you make the most of this day with some lovely environment and good food. Cheers!

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5 Best Places to Celebrate your Valentine’s Day near Ahmedabad

Are you excited about the Valentine’s Day approaching closer? Are you still struck on the ways, as to how you would make it your own special day?

Honeymoon tour packages

Do you wish to make it one of the best Valentine Day ever? If the answer to all of this is “ YES” , then here are five getaways around Ahmedabad, where you can spend this special day, in the most special way and create memories, love and a day, hard to get out of your lives. These five magical places near Ahmedabad will surely leave you awe-struck :

1. Polo Forest

Honeymoon packages

Being in Ahmedabad, you might have heard alot about Polo Forest. Around 200 kms from Ahmedabad, Polo Forest is one of those serene places which is surely going to make your day better. Comprising of forests, waterfalls, ancient monuments and beautiful roads, this magical place will entirely live upto your expectations. Once you reach Polo Forest, you can even rent a guest house, if you want to enjoy the rustic life there, you can accommodate yourself in pretty huts that lie just below the hills. Spend this Valentine’s Day amidst nature. Propose your better half in between the beautiful scenic spots, giving some Bollywood tadka to it and drive back home with memories of this place etched in your heart.

2. Jhanjhari Water Falls

Honeymoon tour packages from Mumbai

Located, 90 kms from Ahmedabad in Dehgam, Jhanjhari Falls is one of the most exciting places where you can be with your partner, this Valentine’s Day. The sight of this falls will swipe you off your feet initially. But you won’t have any other option left than to simply, sit and gaze at the beauty, the lens of your eyes would treat you to. To add some more flavour, you can also enjoy camel rides to the falls, after you have parked your vehicles. If you are a selfie addict, then there cannot be any better place providing you with dramatic backdrops. Spend a beautiful day here and while you are driving back you can stop by, to gorge onto food at one of the many eateries lined up.

3. Nilai Falls

Honeymoon tour packages from Ahmedabad

Nilai Falls is around 250 kms from Ahmedabad, located in Dediapada, Narmada. Nilai Falls comes in the premises of ShoolPaneshwar wildlife sanctuary. Right from the moment you enter this wildlife sanctuary, the roads will make you fall in love with this not so famous wild-life sanctuary. You will find kids, chasing your cars and waving goodbyes to you, which will leave a smile on your face. And once you have reached the falls, you would be left to amusement when you would hear the sound of silence. It is advisable not to step into the falls. If you want to cook your own food, you have the liberty to do that as well. Drive back when the sun is setting behind the hills and your day is made.

4. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Honeymoon packages

NalSarovar Bird Sanctuary lies at a stretch of 70 kms from Ahmedabad, where you can easily spot migratory birds. This lake which is home to amusement of many people who often wish to find a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.A perfect place for bird watching, where you can also indulge into boat riding and spending a day away from Ahmedabad, relatively calmer and better. You are also going to come across islets which will enhance the charm of your visit here. Visit the paradise that Nal Sarovar is and you are not going to be disappointed by any chance.

5. Udaipur

Domestic tour packages

Though, Udaipur lies 250 kms from Ahmedabad, you can  plan a surprise for your loved one,what you need to do is,  keep driving on and on and on and finally stop at Udaipur, which might not even seem like a plan initially. Udaipur will leave you spell-bound with its palaces and lakes. Spend a beautiful day there, dine in one of the finest palaces, propose your partner at one of the most romantic place in India. End the day by dining in one of the places next to the lake or at the palaces in between the lake and in any case, the surprise would be the best thing you could have thought of.

Make sure, you get the best “Valentine’s Day” as this day comes once in a year and you have got all the reasons to make it your own day and make it special. You now need to stop reading, making castles in the air and simply be at any of these

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05 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Around the World

It’s that time of the year when you might be looking ahead to give an amazing start to the new year. The start has to be amazing, keeping that in mind, avail the NEW YEAR TOUR PACKAGES so that you know all the right destinations where you can party hard and indulge yourself, getting a mix of culture and finding something extra-ordinary, so that you have something new to celebrate this new year and feel excited about. And if you are looking ahead for a beginning to be grand, then you ought to visit these five international destinations.


International tour packages

The famous Times Square of New York is one of the most desired places where people always show up during the Holiday to USA. The yearly party here is something that one always dreams of attending. One happening thing here that takes place is, that when you are counting the new year seconds waiting for the new year to approach you would find that a ton of confetti is dropped on the party-goers. You might be lucky enough to find yourself on the television screen as it is a widely televised event.


Tour packages

People from all round the world arrive at Edinburg for the famous Hogmanay Celebration, i.e celebrating the last day of the year. And what does one expect here? World famous music acts and traditional celidh dancing through the streets and making merry. There are fireworks in the midnight and then the party does not seem to stop from thereon and continues till early morning. So, all the party lovers can get the best out of this city. It does not stop here as there are a number of activities that you can indulge in over the next few days at Edinburg


Tour packages from Mumbai

There are not one but a number of events that surrounds the new year celebration in Sydney. Right from smoking ceremonies to mini-light shows and lighted boat parade you can enjoy it all during your Australian Holiday. This is one of the very few things that happens on the new year’s eve in Sydney. The dance party that is held at Bondi Beach is one of the most happening things which you can experience.


Celebrating New Year in California and especially in South Lake Tahoe is one of the most amazing things that can happen to you as a person and also on this New Years’eve. You will find the top EDM artists here and you can dance and party all night long in an ambiance which is just too lovely to serve up as a new year. You can also spend the entire day skiing.


Tour Packages from Ahmedabad

With Paris, what comes in mind is the Eiffel Tower and the spectacular shows that are held in front of the Eiffel Tower is the best new year gift that you can ask for. The streets of Paris comes alive in the new year with people celebrating and partying.

NEW YEAR TOUR PACKAGES just gets better as you go down to these international destinations for New Year.