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Best time to visit Europe:-

Waiting for the Europe trip package? It will be wise for you to know about the weather. The most favourable time to visit Europe is in the period of End of Aril to September. This period is favourable for the Indian Tourists as the weather is very pleasant and maximum temperature is hovering at around 35 degrees. If you wish to know more about the various period of year read this page

1. January-February-March

This time of year is the Winter season for Europe which is highly cold for the Indian Tourist. During these 3 months people enjoy various types winter sport activities like Skiing, Snow Skating and various such activities. This time is best for the honeymooners and they can have an experience of lifetime as the temperature is very pleasant and there are snow fall in majority of the European Cities. The best places to visit during this time are Italy, South of France, Spain and various other destinations along the Mediterranean coastline.

2. April-May-June

This is the Best time for Indians to travel to Europe due to 02 main reasons; First the weather is very pleasant as it is Spring Season in Europe. During this period tourist can enjoy the scenic beauty of Europe. The Beautiful Tulip Garden of Keukenhof in Netherlands is open during the months of March end to May. During this period Europe is famous for its green and beautiful valley and snow clad high mountain ranges. As per the cost wise, the time is best as the period is low season as per the Local Europeans.

3. July-August-September

This period is Peak Summer Season for Europe. The Temperature during this period goes upto 35 Degree Celsius. This is the time when majority of Europeans travel and the prices are at its highest during this time. This season is ideal if you wish to go for hiking, mountain biking and various other activities. You can also travel to Picturesque Greek Islands, Ibiza, Santorini and various other islands.

4. October-November-December

This is the perfect time if you are looking for best deals and good bargains. The October Fest of Munich is one of the world’s largest Beer Festival. People from various place come down to Munich to enjoy the festival. The December is the ultimate time as its time for Christmas celebration and New Year Celebration. The towns, villages, metropolis of Europe are decked with finest decorations to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year with open arms.



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