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Canada is the world’s second largest country and has the world’s longest coastline. Currently, Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories. Canada is gifted with beautiful forests, lakes and rivers. Mount Logan is the tallest peak which stands at 6,050 metres. The Great Bear Lake is the largest lake in the entire country which covers an area of 31,326 sq kilometres. The longest river is Mackenzie which flows in the area of 4,214 kilometres.

Canada has very diverse climatic conditions. The Northern side of Canada is extremely cold and the human inhabitation is sparse in these areas as it is covered in snow round the year. Population is concentrated in south near U.S. Winter is predominant throughout the country but summer also arrives with humidity. It has been observed that the average temperature remains around 20°C from June to September in summer and spring and fall have very moderate temperature. Winter can go as low as -25° C.

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