Geography of Bali

Geography of Bali


Bali Island is found 3.2 km or 2 mi simple of Java, 8 degrees south of the equator. Java and Bali are isolated by the tight Bali Strait. Its length from east to west is around 153 km or 95 mi while from north to south it ranges up to 112 km or 69 mi. The aggregate measure of the land territory is 5,632 km2.

The most noteworthy height at the focal of the fundamental land comes to up to around 3,000 meters over the ocean level, the most noteworthy of which is Mount Agung which achieves 3,142 meters. This dynamic spring of gushing lava is likewise alluded as the mother mountain. Shape focal district toward the east runs the uneven range with Mount Agung as the easternmost most astounding point.

The volcanic idea of the fundamental land, joined with the high mountains which support rainfalls, makes Bali to a great degree prolific for rural yield. The most fruitful region is situated in the focal point of the fundamental land toward the south. In the interim, the northern side of the mountains inclines steeply toward the ocean. This region becomes the main producer area for coffee, vegetables, rice and cattle. The longest river of the island is Ayung River, which flows as long as approximately 75 km.

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