Geography of Kerala

Geography of Kerala

Kerala is one of those states in India with a very rich geographical background. The geography of this beautiful state is fascinating in its own self and comprises of dense forests, greenery all around, hills, mountains and beautiful water bodies. Most of the regions and area in Kerala is also covered with tea and coffee plantations which makes Kerala as one of the richest producer of tea and coffee in India. The Eastern Kerala, which has its lands that are encroached by the Western Ghats is known not only for the dense greenery that it beholds but also because, around forty one rivers originate from this part of Kerala. Near Palakkad you can also see a wall of mountains that are formed.The rise of the western ghats here is up to 1500 m above sea level. To the west of the mountains lies the midland plains which runs straight into the Central Kerala. Hills and Valleys make this place look rich compared to the highlands. Once you go down to the lowest lands, you would find paddy fields and the elevated land slopes that exist are home to the rubber and fruit trees alongside black pepper and tapioca. The coastal belt of Kerala is considered to be quite flat comprising of coconut trees and a network of rivers and canals.

Kerala’s Backwaters is one of the major attractions for people who come to Kerala.

Lying in the tropical region, Kerala experiences humid tropical wet climate. The average rainfall that is experienced by Kerala is 3107 mm annually. 36.7 °C is the maximum daily temperature that is experienced on a daily basis while the minimum falls up to 19.8 °C.

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