Geography of Malaysia

Geography of Malaysia

The Peninsular Malaysia shares border with Thailand and Singapore. Kuala Lumpur; the capital is located here in the West Malaysia. The Western coast of Peninsular Malaysia is more urbanized and the other side of the Titiwangsa Mountain is mostly gifted by the nature by various mountain ranges and forests.

The East Malaysia shares a border with Brunei and Indonesia. The coastline grows to high mountains in this part of Malaysia. The highest peak of Malaysia Mount Kinabalu is located in East Malaysia. The longest river of Malaysia is Rajang River.

Heat in Malaysia is normal as it is located near the equator. Temperature tends to remain between 26°C to 32°C. Malaysia experiences heavy rain from November to February. The highlands can get as cold as 10°C but normally the temperature remains between 17°C to 25°C in highlands.

The best time to visit would be anytime when the rains are not lashing the Malaysian lands.

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