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Maldives consists of 26 atolls and some 1,192 coral islands. Maldives is the lowest country of the world. Its average natural ground level is only of 2.4 metres which comes to only 1.5 metres above the sea level. Out of the 26 atolls only 11 are open for the tourists, the other islands are protected by the government. The United Nations has warned the world that if the sea level rises on the same pace, then by the year 2100, Maldives will become uninhabitable. 

The climate in Maldives is tropically monsoonal. The prominent seasons in the country are summer and monsoon. The rains lash Maldives vehemently. The northern islands receive an average rainfall of 254 centimetres and the southern islands receive average rainfall of 381 centimetres. 

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