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The geographical territory of Poland stretches to over seven geographical regions. The coast of Poland is comprised of spits,lakes and dunes. The geographical region of Poland rises above the lowlands and comprises of four hilly districts of moraines and moraine-dammed lakes which are said that they were formed after the Pleistocene Age. There are several lake districts here as well which form part of the Baltic Ridge which is a series of moraine belts near the Baltic Sea. Continental collision that occurred several years ago is the reason for the geological structure of Poland. The moraine landscape of Poland comprises basically of soil which are made up of either sand or loam. The river valleys in the south are contained with loess. Polish Jura Chain which is said to be the oldest mountain range, lies here. There are about 70 mountains in Poland.Tatras which are divided into High Tatras and Western Tatras are the highest mountain group of Poland. Bledow Desert is the only desert of Poland. Vistula is the longest river here which stretches upto 1047 kms forming the border of Poland.

The climate here is pretty temperate and varies according to the regions.Summers are considered to be warm here and the average temperature goes in between 18-30 degree celsius. Winters are comparatively cold and the average temperature goes upto 3 degree celsius

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