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  • Sri Lanka is an Island country which lies in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka shares maritime borders with India and Maldives. It is connected to India with the Palk Strait. The Adam’s Bridge is a bridge lying between India and Sri Lanka, but it is mostly submerged underwater now. It has mythological significance in the Hindu mythology as the Rama’s bridge.


  • The highest point of the country is Pidurutalagala which is located at the height of 2524 metres. Sri Lanka experiences two monsoon seasons. The southern and the eastern areas experience monsoon from May to September. The North and the west welcomes monsoon from October and continues to January.  Anytime but the monsoon season is the ideal time to visit Sri Lanka.


  • Sri Lanka is gifted with 103 beautiful rivers, the longest of which is the Mahaweli River which extends to 335 kilometres. 

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