Geography of Dubai

Find out all about the geography of Dubai like the climate, population, location and coordinates & number of other interesting things here.


UAE lies in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. It shares a border with Oman to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south and west and Qatar to the North. UAE lies on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. It also touches the Strait of Hormuz which connects the Gulf of Persia with the Arabian Sea. The coastline of UAE is as wide as 1318 kilometers. 



The largest city is Abu Dhabi and the smallest city is Ajman. The land in UAE is mostly dry and barren. On the south-western border of UAE, huge sand dunes are located which merge with Saudi Arabia. Water is not a scarce resource here in the desert due to proper infrastructure like Lake Zakher which is a man-made lake located near the border of Oman.

Cultivation of Dates Palms is done in UAE. Apart from Dates, Acacia, Tamarisk and Eucalyptus trees also grow in this barren land. Mostly animals like the Fennec Fox, Eagles, Houbara Bastard, and Dugong also known as the sea cow are found in UAE.

The climate is usually hot and humid. Temperature can reach 50°C in the months of July and August and it mostly remains pleasant in other months. Rains visit UAE in patches of heavy downpour, which sometimes leads to floods. The desert also witnesses dust storms on several occasions. Visibility gets questioned during the time of such dust storms.

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