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The United Kingdom is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It shares a land border only with the Republic of Ireland and maritime with other European nations. Greenwich in UK is the place from where the Prime Meridian is decided.

The tallest peak in the whole of United Kingdom is the Ben Nevis Peak that is located in Scotland. The longest river in UK is the River Severn which flows in both Wales and England. Thames is the longest river in England and is very famous too.

UK usually has four seasons. Spring starts in March and continues till May. The average temperature in the spring season is from 5° C to 10° C. Summer arrives in UK in the month of June and stays till August. Temperature does not go beyond 35°C in summer here. The fall of autumn comes in September and lasts till November. The temperature remains mild during this time and rarely goes below 10°C.  Winter arrives in the month of December and continues till February. The mercury can go as low as -10° C in some cases can go up to 15°C. It is usually windy and damp in winters in UK.   

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