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It is said that the humans began to be habituated to this place 42,00048,000  years ago. The first inhabitants of this place were the modern indigenous Australians. In 1850s gold rush began against the mining license fees and also the Eureka Rebellion gave an eary expression of civil disobedience. Between 1855 and 1890 six colonies had already gained responsible government managing most of their affairs. On the 1st of January 1901, the federation of colonies was formed after a long wait of over a decade on voting, planning and consultation. This was the result to the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia. The federal capital territory was formed in 1911 and then in 1914 Australia joined hands with Britain in fighting the World War 1 which shall go down in the history. Since then Australians have taken part in the major of battles and fights. After the World War 2 Australia started encouraging immigrants all the way from Europe. Since 1970, Australia’s immigration started promoting from all the major continents which in result started making this continent even more diverse and unique in its own way.

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