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The Roman Empire had a deep impact on the culture of Austria. With the arrival of the Roman Empire, Christianity entered the land. To this, the Bavarian tribes rebelled. In 1156, Vienna became the capital of the country and soon under the rule of the Habsburg family; Austria became the Holy Roman of the German. Slowly the development of European culture started in Austria and surrounding nations.

The Turks invaded Austria and thus had an impact on the Austrian culture. After the French revolution and Napoleonic wars, the entire continent of Europe started moving towards nationalism and political stability and thus the Vienna Congress was made in the Austria making it a centre for intellectual and cultural development of Austria.

Austria also faced the wrath of First World War after their Archduke was killed by Serbian nationalist. By the end of it, Austria became a Fascist country. In the Second World War, Austria supported Nazi-Germany and paid the price of it with some 300,000 Austrian victims.

Later, on the path of development, Austria declared neutrality and sovereignty thus making it an important centre of various international institutions, one of which is the United Nations.

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