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Canada was inhabited by the aboriginal people. With the arrival of the Europeans, many conflicts aroused. The first integration of the aboriginal people was with the Vikings. In 1497, the Italians came to this land, followed by the 1534 the Portuguese and French.  This was the base of the European integration with the Canadian natives. In the year 1610, the first thirteen colonies were formed with the Europeans being the predominant. Claims over the land were made by the French and the British. Problems between French and English resulted in many wars. Finally in 1763, after the victory of the British over the French, Canada became a British colony.

The British slowly started making provinces throughout the country. A constitution act was made in 1867, under which Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were the four provinces that were made. This is celebrated as the birthday of Canada on 1st July. Later in 1905, Alberta became a part of this confederation. The last province to join Canada was Newfoundland, which joined the confederation in 1949.

Now, Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth, but is self-governed.  It comes under the British Constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II leading and has its own governing system too. 

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