History And Culture of china

History And Culture of china


The oldest records aboutChinadate back to the period of ruler Fu Si, who lived in 30th centuries BC. Supposedly gods inspired him to write the holy book of ancientChina"Itzin" from which originated the theory that Universe arose and developes due to alternation of Ing and Yang. Historical sources do not mention any rulers ofChinapreceeding to Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BC). Shang rulers were subdued by Zhou dynasty, who built their capital nearby the modern Xian.

Later, aproximately in 750 BC, they had to escape from barbarians who invaded the country and new capital was founded near the present day Liaoyan, In the early period of ruling power was concentrated in the hands of Emperor. Later local rulers managed to create soveraign fiefdoms. From 770 BC these rulers were constantly involved in wars with each other and the whole period from 476 till 221 BC was called The period of Warring States.

At the same timeChinawas attacked by barbarians from the north and north-east. It was decided to build gigantic walls for defence of territory. Finally the central power was concentrated in the hands of prince Qin, whose army overthrew the Zhou ruler. 

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