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Ancient evidences suggest that the Germanic tribes of Marcomanni and Quadi arrived and established in Czech in the 3rd century. Along with them, came other tribes like Slavic people. The Slavic people happened to have travelled and tried to settle in many other places like Bohemia, Austria and Moravia. In the 5th century AD, Czech was ruled by the Bohemian kingdom under the Premyslide dynasty. They ruled other countries like Bohemia and Moravia. The centre of the rule was Prague and thus Prague became the capital since then.

The country saw development under various leaders and rulers. Czechoslovakia was strengthened after the Austro-Hungarian Empire fall following the First World War. In the Second World War, the Germans occupied this land and then later in 1945, it was freed with the help of the Soviet Union and the United Nations. The then Czechoslovakia faced the Dark Age with famines and other catastrophic calamities hitting the country. Followed by the Dark Age, the Velvet revolution came in the year 1989, when two countries separated peacefully namely Czech Republic and Slovakia. Czech Republic became the member of the European Union and the United Nations.   

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