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  • AD 590: First written account of the Danes in the chronicle of Bishop Gregor of Tour
  • 960: Denmark becomes officially Christian with the baptism of King Harald "Bluetooth"
  • 1033: Danes control much of England and Normandy and dominate trade in the Baltic
  • 1282: Erik V forced to grant nobles a charter limiting his powers-first Danish constitution
  • 1397: Queen Margrethe I unites Scandinavia under the Danish throne in the Kalmar union
  • 1814: Norway transferred from the Danish to the Swedish crown
  • 1849: Under Frederik VII, Denmark becomes a constitutional monarchy
  • 1890s: Social reforms lay the foundations of the present welfare state
  • 1914-18: Denmark neutral in World War I
  • 1940-45: ¬†Despite declaring its neutrality, Denmark invaded and occupied by the Nazis
  • 1945: Becomes a charter member of the United Nations and signs the North Atlantic Treaty
  • 1972: Denmark joins the EU
  • 2000: Danes reject euro as their currency
  • 2002: EU presidency held by Denmark

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