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The French Revolution (1789-1799):

In 1789, the discontented people of france overthrew their king, demanding liberty, equality, fraternity. Louis xvi the king & his wife marie antoinette, were executed, & the leader of revolution maximilien robespierre headed france. In 1796, napoleon became army commander and in 1799 took power. The revolution was the cause of bad government, enormous difference between rich & poor, high prices & scarce food and also by enlightened ideas, of more power to the people, influenced by american revolution. French revolution though failed but gave a new wave of thinking in the entire europe.

Key Dates In French History:

  • 1200-700bc: Arrival Of The Celts During Bronze And Iron Ages
  • 51bc: Romans complete conquest of gaul
  • Ad 481: Frankish leader clouis becomes first merovingin king
  • 800: Coronation Of Charlemagne, Greatest Of The Carolingians, As Holy Roman Emperor
  • 1180-1223: Reign Of Philip Augustus
  • 1337-1453: Hundred Year's War With England
  • 1562-93: Wars Of Religion
  • 1660-1715: Reign Of Louis Xiv
  • 1789: French Revolution
  • 1804: Napoleon Crowned Emperor
  • 1815: Defeat Of Napoleon: Monarchy Restored
  • 1848: Revolution; Short - Lived Second Republic
  • 1852-70: Second Empire Under Napoleon Iii
  • 1919: Treaty Of Versailles Following Defeat Of Germany In World War I
  • 1940: Germans Overrun France
  • 1958: Fifth Republic With Charles De Gaulle As President
  • 1968: May Uprising Of Students & Workers Brings Downfall Of De Gaulle
  • 1994: Channel Tunnel Opens
  • 2002: Euro Replaces France As Legal Tender

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