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In earlier times, Julius Caesar ruled over the land that was called Gaul then. Romans lived in the lands neighbouring to this land which was on the banks of river Danube. Following a war, the Romans made sure that the Germans do not invade their land. Soon after these wars, the Franks who are the Germanic people separated a land from the territories and started developing and unifying this land as Germany. Various kings were elected to rule the land but soon the Romans had their grip on this land and called it the Holy Roman Empire.

Agriculture, trade and commerce got a boost in the middle ages and Germany started its development at its own pace. Many rulers and leaders like Martin Luther and Bismarck had their own influence on Germany and its development.   In the year 1919, Adolf Hitler joined the German Workers Party which was later known as the NAZI party. After several attempts to gain power, in 1930s Hitler and his party came into power and in 1933 Hitler banned all the other parties. In 1934, after the death of the then president, Hindenburg, Hitler took over the presidential status and declared himself as the Fuhrer. This started the atrocities of the Nazi army which framed any socialist or communist. Then followed the Holocaust where the Nazis performed genocide and killed lakhs of people. After the Nazi army surrendered, Germany had fallen apart and so the allies took over the scenario and helped develop the people. By the end of the 20th century, Germany was reunified and has been developing ever since.    

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