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Key Dates In Greek History:

  • 3000-1200 BC: Bronze Age Cycladic,Minoan, and Mycenaean cultures flourish
  • 800 BC: Emergence of city-states
  • 5th century:   Classical period High point of Athenian culture under Perikles
  • 431-404 BC:  Peloponnesian Wars defeat of the Athenians by the city-state of Sparta
  • 338 BC: Greek army conquered by Philip II of Macedonia
  • 333 BC: Alexander the Great declares himself king of Asia Greeece absorbed into his vast empire
  • 168 BC: Greece becomes province of Rome
  • AD 49-54: St.Paul preaches Christianity in Greece
  • 395: Greece becomes part of the new Eastern Roman Empire, ruled from Constantinople
  • 1453: Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Turks
  • 1821: Start of the Greek War of Independence
  • 1832: Great powers establish protectorate over Greece, and appoint Otto of Bavaria king
  • 1922: Greeks fail to capture Smyrna from Turks
  • 1946: 9 Civil war leaves thousands dead or homeless
  • 1981: Admission to the European Union
  • 2002: Euro becomes legal currency
  • 2004: Greece hosts Olympic Games and wins the football European Cup

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