History And Culture of Gujarat

History And Culture of Gujarat


Gujarat gets its name from Gujjaratta which means Gurjar Rashtra or the realm of the Gujjars. The tribe of Gujjars first traveled to India in the 5th century. Between 942 AD-1299 AD i.e. during the Chalukya period Gujarat gained its due importance. The major parts Gujarat were called Anarta, Lata and Saurashtra.

From 2500 BC to 500 BC the Harappan civilization and Culture flourished in Gujarat. Various powers like the Indo-Greek, Maurya, Kahatrapas, Gupta, Maitrak & Chalukya’s reigned up to 1297 AD. The fall of Mauryan rule led to the coming of Saurashtra under the control of Samprati Mauryas of Ujjain, the Greek attack into Gujarat was led by Dernetrious. Saka rulers dominated Gujarat for 400 yeras from the begining of the first century.

During the medieval Period, the sultans of Delhi & Gujarat continued their rule till 1758 AD. Islamic rule found its root with the defeat of Karnadeva Vaghela, who was outwitted by Alauddin Khilji, and since then the Muslim rule continued for almost four hundred years until the assassination of Skinder Shah which clearly marked the decline of Islamic rule in Gujarat. In the mordern Period started with the dominance of the Marathas and British Rule upto 1947 AD. The entry of Marathas in Gujarat was marked by the conquest of Chatrapati Shivaji. Under Mahatma Gandhi's leadership Gujarat became the core of the freedom movement. After independence, the separate state of Gujarat was formed on 1st May 1960.

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