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Initially it was the Roman Empire which had conquered the territory. In 895 the unified Hungarians had started to settle in the Carpathian Basin. Hungary was established in 895 as federation of United Tribes. It was also said to be a place of semi-nomadic people. It was during the times of Arpadian Kings that Hungary had reached its greatest extent. The translation of the first Hungarian Bible was published in 1439. The library of Hungary is still considered to be as one of the UNESCO world Heritage Sites. In between 1490-1526, Hungary’s political stability had started to shake and even the progress was deadlocked. Hungary was divided almost into three parts and it remained so till the 17th century. In the 17th century many Hungarians had started converting themselves into Christianity. There was also a time when large part of the country had started to get devasted and the population had started to become stunned. Even though everything around was changing but the Hungarians weren’t allowed to settle or re-settle in the Great Plain. Even after the Napoleonic wars, the Hungarian Diet had not been convened for years. A lot seemed to happen in between the world wars as well, after World War I, Hungary underwent  many upheavals and political constraints. The World War II in which Hungary had entered as an Axis Power, devastated Hungary which in return caused in the loss of life of many people. After the defeat of the Nazi Germany, Hungary had started becoming the satellite state of the Soviet Union. The transition of Hungary from communism to democracy was more or less peaceful which was prompted by some economic stagnation. In 1991 Hungary was also affected by the economic recession.

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