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Iceland was settled by Nordic individuals in the years around 874 AD and around 930 the Icelandic settlers established one of the world's first republican governments. The Old Commonwealth Age, depicted in the exemplary Icelandic Sagas, kept going until 1262, when Iceland lost its freedom.

Iceland has a composed constitution and a parliamentary type of government. The president is chosen by coordinate well known vote in favour of a term of four years, with no term restrain. The president's part is generally stately. Most official power rests with the Government. Althingi is an authoritative assortment of 63 individuals from six areas chose for a term of four years by well known vote.

The way of life in Iceland is rich and fluctuated and also being known for its abstract legacy which started in the twelfth century. Other Icelandic customary expressions incorporate weaving, silver destroying, and wood cutting. The Reykjavík region has a few expert theatres, an ensemble symphony, a musical drama, and countless exhibitions, book shops, films, and historical centres

There are additionally four dynamic society move gatherings in Iceland. Iceland's education rate is among the most elevated on the planet, and adoration for writing, workmanship, chess, and other scholarly interests is across the board. In 2006, Iceland was positioned as the fourth most joyful country on the planet by a free logical investigation.

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