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The history of Italy goes back to 500 BC. People from various origins had inhibited the land that is called Italy. The Greek made colonies in the south, the Gauls made colonies in the colonies in the northern mountains and the Etruscans were located centrally. It is believed that Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC. Mythological stories are attached to this, but by the end of 509 BC, around seven kings had ruled Rome.

Later, Rome adopted a system. Under this system, two elected officials, a senate of aristocrats and an assembly of the common people governed the country. Soon, turbulence saw it way to Rome, when slaves led by Spartacus rebelled against the rule of the aristocrats. This turbulence ended with great revolt and the assassination of Julius Caesar. Years after the death of Caesar, his nephew Octavius built the Roman Empire and it expanded across many countries and it ended in 150AD with many problems and decline of the Roman Empire.

Since 380 AD, Christianity spread in Italy. Rome had fallen and all the colonies of the Roman Empire had to face the Repercussions of the same. It took a long time for Italy to flourish again and it was not until the 14th century when other states like Florence, Milan, Venice and Pisa developed trading activities and the focus shifted from Rome. Again, Rome faced problems as the the trade routes from the Mediterranean moved. This is when the French leader Napoleon backed the movement of Giuseppe Garibaldi which led to the complete fall of Rome and Italy emerged unified than ever before.

Soon after the First World War, Benito Mussolini started a campaign to unify and strengthen Italy and its economy. Mussolini named himself the “Duce of Fascist Italy”. In the Second World War, after the fall of France, Mussolini joined Hitler and supported the German government in war. This lead to the fall of Italy and Mussolini had to flea away. By the end of the Second World War, Italy declared itself as republic and became a founder and a strong supporter of the European Union. 

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