History And Culture of Kerala

History And Culture of Kerala

The history of Kerala says all about carvings at the Edakkal Caves give the traces of a prehistoric society that existed in Kerala 5000 BC. Kerala had earliest trade relations with major ports across Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea around 3000 BC; it mostly exported spices to the rest of the world and had some of the most active ports in those days.

the culture of Kerala is a synthesis of Aryan and Dravidian cultures, developed and mixed for centuries, under influences from other parts of India and abroad. Kerala traces its non-prehistoric cultural genesis to its membership (around the AD 3rd century) in a vaguely defined historical region known as Thamizhagom. Native traditions of classical performing arts include koodiyattom, a form of Sanskrit drama or theatre and a UNESCO-designated Human Heritage Art. Kerala also has several tribal and folk art forms.

However, many of these native art forms largely play to tourists or at youth festivals, and are not as popular among ordinary Keralite. Thus, more contemporary forms including those heavily based on the use of often risqué and politically incorrect mimicry and parody  have gained considerable mass appeal in recent years.

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