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Maldives was impacted by Emperor Asoka who triggered the growth of Buddhism in Maldives. After the arrival of Ibn Batutta, the growth of Islam was triggered. The languages Urdu and Persian were also developed during this period. Soon, in 1513, the Portuguese from Goa attacked the land, but were soon thrown out of the land. Maldives had a bad stretch when several pirates attacked the land and Portuguese intrusion continued.

Maldives faced attacks from various kings and pirates and to protect themselves, the people of Maldives resorted to the British. In the 1800s, they formally signed an agreement with the British. In the year 1932, Maldives made their own constitution and was declared republic in the year 1953. In the year 1965, the British agreement came to an end and in the very same year they became a member of the United Nations. Following this, declaration of the second republic came in the year 1968. In the year 1976, Maldives became free and the British withdrew all forces from the land.

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