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Nepal has seen many rulers and ruling dynasties.The earliest rulers were the Kirantis who ruled from 9th century 1st century A.D.The Kirants were replaced by Licchavis .They ruled this country from 1st century to 9th century A.D.This period is noted for many temples and fine sculptures built around the Kathmandu valley.The Licchavis were followed by the Thakuris,and then came the Malla dynasty.In the 14th century A.D. King Jayasthiti Malla established a rigid social order.Then came the Shah dynasty, which prevails even today.

King Prithvi Narayan Shah, founder of Modern Nepal,unified Nepal in a single kingdom. Recognizing the threat of the British Raj in India, he dismissed European missionaries from the country and for more than a century, Nepal remained in isolation. During the mid-19th century Jung Bahadur Rana became Nepal's first prime minister to wield absolute power.He set up an oligarchy and the Shah Kings remained figureheads.

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