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Netherlands had a deep impact of the Roman Empire, until the arrival and the invasion by German tribes. In the 800s the Empire of Charlemagne was built. After the fall of this empire, the lower lands were divided into several states which were governed by dukes and counts. Soon some Dukes tried to dominate Netherlands and tried to introduce taxation policies here. The king of Spain Philip II came in power and when people revolted against him, many oppressive actions were taken. This started a war which continued till 80 years. By the end of this war the Dutch republic came in power. The Dutch then started expansion overseas and developed a constitutional monarch. Under the power of the Dutch Far East Company, Dutch people made an urban settlement in USA which was called New Amsterdam. Soon, the English took over this land and named it New York.

Netherlands faced several problems resisting the reign of the Nazi army and thus it the real development of the Dutch people started after the Second World War.   

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