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Individuals have lived in the Philippines since the beginning of mankind's history. Initially, the different islands were populated by contending clans, each with their own ruler or ruler. In 1521, the pilgrim Magellan guaranteed the islands for Spain and colonization started in 1565. Manila was set up as the capital of what was then known was the Spanish East Indies in 1571.

Spanish manage conveyed Catholicism to the zone, with evangelists setting up houses of worship, schools, clinics, colleges and to a great extent dislodging the beforehand settled in Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist beliefs. Free training was presented in 1863, however did not take off until some other time.

The way of life of the Philippines includes a mix of customary Filipino and Spanish Catholic conventions, with impacts from America and different parts of Asia. The Filipinos are family situated and frequently religious with gratefulness for workmanship, design, music and sustenance.

Filipinos are likewise accommodating individuals who love to have a decent time. This regularly incorporates getting together to sing, move, and eat. The yearly logbook is pressed with celebrations, a significant number of which join ensembles and ceremonies from the country's pre-Christian past with the Catholic convictions and philosophy of present day.

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