History And Culture of Rajasthan

History And Culture of Rajasthan

 Hostory And Culture

Dynasties like the Sisodias of Mewar,the Kachhwahas of Ambar,the Rathores of Marwar, the Haddas of Jhalawar, Kota and Bundi, the Bhatis of Jaisalmer, the Shekhawats of Shekhawati and the Chauhans of Ajmer form the Rajput tribe. Rajput Kingdoms came into conflict with Muslim invaders at different stages of their evolution. Some lost their independence and some others held against enemies. However Muslim invaders realized that Rajputs are passionately attached to their Land, Family, Honour & are courageous and regard to truth.It is not easy to triumph them. Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar is the best example to prove this.The Rajput history is full of with instances of heroism and self sacrifice both by the princes and the peasantry.There are innumerable heroes that stand out.

It took seven stages to form Rajasthan as it is defined today.In March 1948 Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Banswara, Bundi, Jhalawar, Kota & Udaipur joined Indian. Union.In 1949 Jaipur & desert Kingdoms Bharatpur,Jodhpur and Jaisalmer joined Indian Union.Today with further reorganization of the States of Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh and Bihar,Rajasthan has become territorially the largest State of the Indian Republic. Rajasthan,situated at the northwestern part of India is the biggest state in the country of India .The state shares its north.


Panihari- the water bearer's song, morubai is also favorite for every occasion, ghoomar- a pirouette dance, vibrant, fast paced and, kachhi ghodi- dance donning dummy mares, praising the benevolent bandits of shekhawati region ,terah taal- tribal dance with manjeeras tied up at 13 places in the body

Art &crafts

Wood craft:

Hand carved wooden screens, friezes and jharokas (windows) of latticework or jali, furniture (cabinets, stools, chairs, tables and cupboards) and house hold items (boxes, picture frames, spoons and ladles) are made of wood.

Stone carving:

It is one of the rajasthan's most enduring arts.

Metal Craft:

you can find finest metal work right from table-tops to dancing peacocks, caparisoned elephants, dancing camels ,sword and shields made brass and silver which will certainly be class apart home decoration.

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