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Scandinavia has a very vivid and mythological history. It goes to back to the 10000 BC back when these lands were covered in snow. The initial civilization that lived here were the Germanic tribes. Later the Finns and the Sami tribes migrated here.

The Scandinavian culture is founded like many other cultures due to geographical, methodological, genetical and other aspects. However, Christianity and modern warfare also arrived to the Scandinavian countries eventually, but they have always somehow been protected from the worst historical periods, since they were so far up north.

The Scandinavians are private people and in Denmark we have a great indoor culture. The greatest thing about the Scandinavian culture is that they trust each other and that they still feel like a tribe. This is the reason why they have created our unique socialist/capitalist society. We pay 50% in taxes, we have free health care and education and everyone receives monetary help from the state if necessary.

They believe in ethics and therefore fight for the eco-system, for a large middle-class, for ecological foods, for social benefits and for freedom in all aspects except in capitalism.

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