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Humans have inhibited Switzerland since 150,000 years. Their primary source of livelihood was farming. The earliest tribes that impacted the country were the La Tène and the Helvetii. As time passed, the Romans started maintaining a hold on the rule in a major part of the country.  The Alamanni tribes raided the Alps several times and then settled in the valley of the Alps and built a livelihood in Almannia. The rest of the country was ruled by the King of burgundy.  The rule of the Frankish Empire also arrived later. The formation of various cantons thus started.

The “Old Swiss Confederation” formed soon and got powerful as years passed and after winning several battles. But the end of the invincibility came when they lost a battle to Zwingli. This lead to many conflicts amongst the cantons.  With the end of the internal conflicts, Switzerland was known to be very famous for be a very neutral state and this quality persists till date.

Soon in 1798, the French government conquered the Swiss land and made a unified government. This lead to the end of the canton system and gave birth to Helvetic Republic. During the rule of the French, Switzerland had to face many unfair means of rule. When the neighbouring nations came of Russia and Austria attacked the land, the Swiss refused to fight along the side of French. Later, in 1803, Napoleon allowed the introduction of canton tradition again.  The withdrawal of external forces in the rule of Switzerland continued till 1860, after the Seige of Gaeta, under the formation of a treat, Switzerland was deemed neutral.

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