History And Culture of Thailand

History And Culture of Thailand

History Of Thailand

Human inhibition in Thailand started around 40,000 years ago. Thailand was originally known as “Siam”. The earliest influence on the kingdom of Thailand was that of the Hindu religion. The very first rulers of Thailand were the Khmer. Many Hindu rulers came to Thailand and had a long lasting influence on Siam’s culture. The spread of Buddhist culture started in Thailand with the rule of the great emperor Ashoka who belonged to the Maurya Empire.
Later, in the 13th century, several small states in Thailand united to form the Sukhothai, which was the first Thai kingdom. Later, the kingdom of Ayuthaya also came into existence. Since 1511, Europeans started to enter Siam. First came the Portuguese, and then came the Dutch and then the British. This continued till 1662. Later in 1675, Thailand adopted “Isolationism” under the effect of which, the relations with Europe were cut. Thailand flourished under the rule of various rulers.
Siam was forced to cede some of its provinces to the French and British. In 1917 during the First World War, Siam joined its allied forces and in 1932, it was granted its first constitution and in 1989, Siam was named Thailand.
During the Second World War, Japan demanded a free passage from Thailand to enter the land of Malaya, and it was granted on 21st December 1941. In exchange of this, Thailand demanded help from Japan to get back the provinces that were ceded to the French and the British. In 1942, Thailand declared war on the United States and the United Kingdom and at the same time, continued the “Free Thai Movement”. Eventually, Thailand became an ally of the United States and after a lot of political disturbances and conflicts ended up being a free democratic country.

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