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Key Dates In Turkish History:

  • 1250 Bc: The Trojan War And The Fall Of Troy.
  • 546 Bc: Cyrus The Great Leads The Persians Into Anatolia.
  • 334 Bc: Alexander The Great Drives Out The Persians.
  • 130 Bc: The Romans Incorporate Anatolia As The Province Of Asia, Controlled From Ephesus.
  • 40 Bc: Antioch Sees The Marriage Of Antony And Cleopatra.
  • 47-57 Ad: St. Paul Spreads Christianity And A Community At Antioch Is Established.
  • 313: Roman Empire Adopts Christianity.
  • 330: Constantine Lays Out The Boundaries Of His New Capital, Constantinople.
  • 1054: Greek And Roman Churches Split Over Theology.
  • 1288: Ottoman Empire Appears In Bursa.
  • 1453: The Fall Of Constantinople - The Birth Of Istanbul.
  • 527-65: Glory Of Byzantium Under Justinian.
  • 638-718: Muslim Arabs Besiege Constantinople.
  • 1071-1243: Rise And Rule Of The Selcuk Turks In Anatolia, Konya Is Their Capital.
  • 1096-1204: The Crusades, Marking The Beginning Of The End For Byzantium, A Fascinating Period In Byzantine History.
  • 1520-66: Suleyman The Magnificent Sits On The Ottoman Throne Controlling A Huge And Powerful Empire.
  • 1914: Turkey Allies With Germany In The World War I.
  • 1915: Gallipoli War.
  • 1919: Ataturk Leads Resistance To The Allied Plan To Carve Up Turkey.
  • 1923: foundation Of The Modern Republic Of Turkey By Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
  • 1939-45: Turkey Manages To Remain Neutral During The World War Ii.
  • 1993-96: Demirel President, Tansu Ciller Prime Minister, Turkey Joins Eu Customs Union.

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