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The Anatolian peninsula, including the greater part of current Turkey, is one of the most seasoned forever settled locales on the planet. Different old Anatolian populaces have lived in Anatolia, from in any event the Neolithic time frame until the Hellenistic time frame.

The vast majority of the general population talked the Anatolian dialects, a branch of the bigger Indo-European dialect family. The European piece of Turkey, called Eastern Thrace, has likewise been occupied since no less than forty thousand years back, and is known to have been in the Neolithic time by around 6000 BC. In Northwest Turkey, the huge innate gathering in Thrace was the Odyrisians, established by Teres.

The way of life of Turkey joins an intensely different and heterogeneous arrangement of components that have been gotten from the different societies of the Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asian district and to a lesser degree, Eastern European, and Caucasian conventions. A significant number of these customs were at first united by the Ottoman Empire, a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state.

Turkish culture has undergone profound changes over the last century. Today, Turkey may be the only country that contains every extreme of Eastern and Western culture (along with many compromises and fusions between the two).

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