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Area : 93,030 km²

Capital : Budapest

Population : 9.897 million

Literacy Rate : 99.1%

Languages : Hungarian

Currency : Hungarian forint

Time Zone: UTC+01:00

Telephone Code : +36

Internet Code : .hu

Hungry which lies in Central Europe is a parliamentary constitutional republic. The official language here is Hungarian and and it is also considered to be as one of the most widely used non-Indo European language. The largest capital city of Hungary is Budapest. Hungary is also a member of NATO and the European Union. Later on Hungary also formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is said that the country lost most of its territory. Today Hungary is being considered as a high income economy. Being a very popular tourist destination, it attracts many tourists over the years. Hungry also boasts of the world’s largest thermal water cave system. It also has the second largest thermal lake in the world and also the largest grasslands in entire Europe.

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