Iceland Information

Iceland Information

General Information

  • Area: 103,000 km²
  • Capital: Reykjavik
  • Population: 323,002
  • Literacy Rate: N/A
  • Languages: Icelandic
  • Currency: Icelandic króna
  • Time Zone: UTC±00:00
  • Telephone Code: +354
  •  Internet Code: .is

Iceland is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, between whatever remains of Europe towards east and Greenland towards west. It is the second biggest island in Europe, with a territory of around 103,000 kms. Its area on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge makes Iceland volcanically and geographically dynamic and the volcanism has characterized Icelandic scenes in different courses with various sorts of volcanoes, magma plates, frosty streams, icy masses and sand fields. The incessant volcanic action rolls out Icelandic scenes improvement quickly.

Another island, Surtsey, was shaped south of the terrain in 1963, and a noteworthy ejection occurred in 1973 when a fountain of liquid magma on the island Heimaey spilled magma into the town of Vestmannaeyjar. A noteworthy ejection occurred in spring 2010 of every a well of lava under the icy mass in the south of Iceland, toward the west.

Around 75% of Iceland is in excess of 200 meters high with the vast majority of the land being high levels and mountains.

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