Iceland Information

Iceland Information


Area : 103,000 km²

Capital : Reykjavik

Population : 323,002

Literacy Rate : N/A

Languages : Icelandic

Currency : Icelandic króna

Time Zone: UTC±00:00

Telephone Code : +354

 Internet Code : .is

Iceland is a Nordic island country which is in the North Atlantic Ocean which is considered to be as one of the most sparsely populated country in the entire Europe. The capital city which is also the largest city is Reykjavík. Iceland is said to be volcanically and geologically very active. Iceland generally has a temperate climate and it consists mostly of sand and lava fields, mountains, glaciers and there are also glacial rivers that flow through the sea. The high latitude of Iceland and the marine impact keeps the summers chilly. Iceland has a market economy and it is said to have relatively low taxes compared to the other countries. A Nordic social welfare system is maintained here which looks after the education and the healthcare of its citizens. Iceland ranks high compared to some of the other countries in terms of economic, political and social stability. Due to tourism,Iceland gets a good boost in its economy and it has also made a significant recovery.

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