Jammu Kashmir Information

Jammu Kashmir Information


General Introduction

Jammu & Kashmir, the charming state endowed with stunning natural beauty is regarded as the “Crown of India” as well as the “Heart of Asia”. It shares international boundary on three sides with Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan. It is bordered by Himachal Pradesh and Punjab on the south. Geographically and culturally, this northern most state is divided in to three different regions. In the south, the mountainous plains of Jammu stretch out while the northern has the tall desert region of Ladakh in the north. And in the centre, like a dazzling jewel in the crown, is the verdant valley of Kashmir.

The state comprises Jammu which is in the plains, the valley of Kashmir, the capital of which is Srinagar situated at a height of 1768m in the Himalayan region, and Ladakh with its headquarters at Leh (3521m) situated on a high plateau north of the Himalayan.

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful regions of India. It is known as the land of eternal beauty and stands on the Dal Lake and the Jhelum River. The peasant climate of the valley is due to its high mean average altitude approx 1800m above sea level. It has been described as a paradise on earth.

 Fast Facts

  • Area: 2, 22,236 sq. kms.
  • Capital : Srinagar (Summer) Jammu (Winter)
  • Established: 26 October, 1947.
  • Population: 1,25,48,926 (provisional 2011 census)
  • Literacy: 68.7%
  • Districts: 22
  • Villages: 6,417
  • Towns: 75
  • Languages: Kashmiri, Ladakhi, Dogri, Punjabi & Urdu.
  • Best time to travel: April to September
  • Mobile Networks: BSNL Cell One, Airtel & Aircell (Note: only postpaid services will function).
  • ATMs: SBI, J&K Bank, PNB.
  • Famous for: Scenic beauty, Handicrafts, adventure sports.
  • The State animal: Hangul
  • The State Bird: Black- Necked Crane.
  • The State Tree: Chinar
  • The State flower:  Lotus.


Interesting Facts

  • Srinagar is the largest city & the capital of Jammu & Kashmir, was founded by Emperor Ashoka.
  • The beauty of the valley was given a name “Paradise of the Earth by the Mughal emperor.
  • Kashmir has the great prospective for geothermal energy.
  • Jammu & Kashmir has its own flag approved & granted. It consists of a deep red field, representing labor, charged with a plough to represent agriculture. Three stripes are found on the left side that represents the three geographic regions of the state Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.
  • The resident of Jammu & Kashmir needs two citizenships; one from the state government and other from the Central government.
  •  To own a property (real estate) in Jammu & Kashmir, it is mandatory to hold J&K citizenship.
  • Literacy rate is much higher in Kashmir compared to neighboring states like Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
  • According to the mythological legends, Kashmir was a large lake. Rishi kashyap drained off the water of the lake and the beautiful Kashmir emerged.

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