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Area : 30.5 sq km

Currency : Macau Pataca

Languages : Cantonese, Chinese, Portuguese

Population : 652,500

Time Zone : MST (UTC+8)

Telephone Code : +853

Internet Code : .mo


Officially known as the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Macau is self administered region. Like Hong Kong, Macau is also based on the principle “One country, two systems”. China is responsible for the military systems and foreign affairs, but Macau has its own legal and political systems. Macau is very developed and rich in terms of Human Development Index. It also welcomes tourists from around the globe throughout the year.

Macau has separate immigration system from China and Hong Kong. Flights from across the world land in the Macau International Airport. Flights from various cities of India also land in Macau on day to day basis. 

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